Why We Need More Elizabeth Warrens in Washington

May 9, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 3 comments

DFA could not be prouder to support such an amazing Senator. Watch this and hear all about Elizabeth Warren's exciting new bill:

2:08 The one flaw... "this just makes too much sense." As opposed to most bills introduced.

3:05 So let's do the same thing for student's (as we do for banks) - "help them." Again so much sense is being made.

4:32 "This is why I ran for the United States Senate..." Beautiful response, if only all ran for these reasons.

5:04 Shout out to 'little' Eddie Markey "fighting on the behalf of families forever... He'll be a good partner in the Senate."

5:50 DEAD ON (on GOP opposition) They "don't talk about what it means to be a Republican..."

6:55 Lastly, even the host Lawrence O'Donnell has to get E. W.'s signature on the glorious bill.


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Sen. Warren wants to help college students drowning in debt by putting them in the same boat as the big banks. She continues to do all that she promised and more - showing the American people what a true progressive can do in Washington.



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Common sense... The more Elizabeth Warrens, the better.

Barbara Kahn-Langer

Making me proud! Keep at them Ms. Warren!

Chris Evans

Senator Warren, I am thankful you are in Washington DC!

Lisa Godley
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