Mitch McConnell gets Destroyed on Meet the Press With His Own Argument. WATCH

May 20, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 0 comments

McConnell admits his accusations aren't based on facts

MSNBC's David Gregory not only burned Mitch McConnell on the IRS scandal, but let the Senator respond by admitting his own accusations aren't based in fact.

Gregory calls out McConnel for his arguments depending on a in at 1:27, and at 1:47 Mitch McConnell admits to his accusations not being based in fact. 

You can't miss this - Gregory takes McConnell to task on his accusation.

GREGORY: …that’s a leap that can you make as argument, but you don’t have fact to back it up. 
SEN. MCCONNELL: I– I don’t think we know what the facts are. All I can tell you is…
GREGORY: But that hasn’t stopped you from– from accusing.

Watch for Yourself:

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