Taking Action: Senators Baldwin and Gillibrand Stand Up For Students

May 24, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 3 comments

Stand up for students!

Thanks to the hard work of DFA members, our work to protect our students just got a huge boost.

Senators Tammy Baldwin and Kirsten Gillibrand have signed onto our campaign to keep student loan interest rates from doubling -- joining more than 100,000 other Democracy for America members demanding we treat our students as well as the big Wall Street banks.

Join Tammy and Kirsten: Tell Congress not to let student interest rates double. 

As the parent of two college graduates, I know exactly how much of a burden paying for higher education has become for so many students and families. It is a disgrace that Congress could even consider raising student loan rates at a time when an entire generation's economic opportunities have been blown up by the Wall Street recession.

That's why Tammy's and Kirsten's support couldn't have come at a better time for students across the country. Without Congressional action, federal student loan rates will skyrocket to 6.8% --all while the federal government gives money to the big Wall Street banks for a piddling 0.75% interest. That's a 900% discount for the same banks that wrecked our economy in the first place.

DFA members worked their hearts out to put Tammy and Kirsten in the Senate. Now they're doing exactly what we elected them to do: Going to the mat for America's working families and students.

Let's stand with them again -- sign on to support our work to give our young people a fair deal. 


Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

Senator Baldwin and Senator Gillibrand have our back. Do you have theirs? Take action to stop loan rates from doubling.

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The students of America need lower interest rates, not higher!

Matt Kaufman

I completely support this AND I think graduate student loans should ALSO be included. Why is it ok for us to pay 6.8% but not undergraduates?

Kathryn Hautanen

Attempts to push the rates way high for student loans are attempts to get the banks back involved with student loans....and we all know what unregulated banks would do with those rates. How sad.....Regulations for the banks haven't worked so far and there appears to be no effort in regulating anything with which the banks are involved...that isn't sad...its' criminal in nature !

Carol Berman
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