From Bernie Sanders: America Can't Afford to Keep the Monsanto Protection Act

May 30, 2013
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From: Daily Kos

It's going to take action to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act

Monsanto has a long history of getting what it wants, and being able to ignore court orders brings their hold on Washington to an entirely new level.

The agricultural and biotech company that produces herbicides, pesticides, and seeds is at the forefront of this country's food industry, and when the amendment commonly known as the Monsanto Protection Act secretly became law, protections for farmers, the environment, and human health went out the window in favor of making life easier for Monsanto. 

The implication of the Monsanto Protection Act spelled out by Sen. Bernie Sanders:

“Essentially, what that Monsanto Protection Act rider said is that even if a court were to determine that a particular product might be harmful to human beings or harmful to the environment, the Department of Agriculture could not stop the production of that product once it is in the ground... So you have deregulated the GMO industry from court oversight, which is really not what America is about.” (Source )

More from Sanders:

Sen. Merkley has also been outspoken on the issue. He has already attempted to introduce an amendment that was blocked by the Senate GOP to repeal the Monstanto Protection Act. From Merkley's website:

The Monsanto Protection Act is an outrageous example of a special interest loophole,” said Merkley. “This provision nullifies the actions of a court that is enforcing the law to protect farmers, the environment and public health. That is unacceptable.” To avoid public scrutiny, the “Monsanto Protection Act” was quietly and anonymously inserted into the continuing resolution passed this March to avert a government shutdown.

We can't take the risk of Monstanto having free reign over our food

Telling congress to repeal the Monstanto Protection Act sends a clear signal that their free ticket to congress has gone on long enough, and that they cannot continue to have the run of Washington. Act now to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act and protect our food supply. 

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