Ted Cruz' agenda is to promote Ted Cruz

June 4, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 0 comments

The Huffington Post says Ted Cruz is Just Plain Terrible. We agree. 

His agenda has made him an incredible grand-stander who doesn't really care what the outcome is. He doesn't pursue alliances, and doesn't seem entirely bothered that he even gets boycotted by other Republicans . 

Canadian by birth and the son of Cuban immigrant, his stance on immigration is jaw-dropping. As a Harvard graduate you would think he would know better. The problem is, he does know what he's doing, and it makes everyone just throw their arms in the air in frustration (and generates headlines like that one). Even if his agenda comes at the expense of Texans, he might be completely okay with that, as long he speaks his piece. 

Anything negatively spun about a character like Ted Cruz gives him more power to fundraise and generally look even better in the eyes of everyone who loves him already. There is no middle ground with a politician like him, and there is no apparent willingness to build coalitions or compromise on the grounds of getting a bill passed. 

In the words of Alfred, from The Dark Knight: 

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

How do you approach that which has no other interest than to self-serve and to use negative press to fundraise? You need to change the culture around them.

There are a number of contributing factors to the rise of Ted Cruz, such as strong grassroots support and the ability to spin any story to garner more attention. Of course, when the New York Times and the mainstream media criticizes him, it means he's doing something right

From: AP - Bill Murray or Stephen Fry?

There is hope for the future, though. Despite Texas being a reddest-of-red state, Hispanic immigration could see 900,000 new voters in Texas for 2016, vs. only 185,000 new white voters. It's these kinds of moves that create the need to get out the vote and challenge Cruz. His views on immigration reform, and refusing to allow undocumented immigrants from being citizens are only going to make him less popular by the very Texans he's supposed to represent, and as they become a much better represented (despite every effort to stop that from happening with the latest round of redistricting). 

The demographics of voting in Texas are very racial, and Hispanics did vote against Cruz 2-1 in 2012. White voters are slowly becoming a plurality instead of a majority, and will be an estimated 52% of the state by 2016 - and with Cruz up for reelection in 2018, who knows what the demographic dynamics will be by then?

All the signs point towards a Texas GOP that will be losing ground year by year, and could easily be supplanted within this decade. 

Ted Cruz, the freshman Senator from Texas, represents everything wrong with politics in America. How far will his crusade of obstructionism and irreverence for compromise go? That could depend on Texas, and the ball starting to roll to stop a politician like him.

So, in the words of Ryan Campbell at the Huffington Post, Ted Cruz is just plain terrible

Now, if you need somewhere more optimistic to go, watch Senator Feinstein absolutely destroy Cruz.  



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