The "Bipartisan" proposal that 83% of voters don't support

June 20, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 3 comments

The student loan compromise: Raise rates and don't pay attention to polls

It isn't a stretch of the imagination to realize that people want lower interest rates, and the last 6 weeks has seen an intense fight by the GOP to do anything but that.

Senate Democrats have backed a bill that would peg interest rates to the 91-day Treasury note rate plus a percent decided by the Education secretary. It would cap interest rates for the subsidized portion of the loan at 6.8 percent and the unsubsidized portion and graduate loan at 8.25 percent. It also includes the White House proposal to expand the income-contingent loan repayment plan. - RollCall

What does that mean for voters and college grads? You can find out here :

Student Loan infographic

Student loan rates are set to double on July 1st. Check out the full infographic to see the bigger picture. 

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I am so sick of giving huge amounts of money to big businesses in the form of tax breaks and handouts and cutting our students rights to reduced interest rates so they can all afford a college education. WE are the tax payers and WE are the voters. If you don't want to listen to us now, believe me you will listen when it's time to vote....You will NOT get another chance to represent us in office!!!!! Do your job and listen to the people not big money contributors...

Doris Buyarski

People who are needing loans for college are not the rich. The interest on loans for education should be kept at a minimum! Keep in mind, the person you meet in the emergency room, be it a nurse or a doctor, is able to help you because they got student loans. The doctors can probably pay them back readily, but the nurses and CNA's not so much! The teachers you trust your most precious children with, most likely have student loans,and are struggling to to balance their budgets. I therefore believe that student loans should be as minimal as possible and not inflated like a car loan or mortgage.

Martha Dee

Do not double student loan rates. Stop the insanity....!!

Kim LaPier
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