Boehner confirms that the House won't get anything done

July 10, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 4 comments

First, check out this short video produced by John Boehner's office. 

Straight from the horse's mouth: The House isn't going to do anything. You can see that Boehner is complaining about "real border security" at around 0:40 seconds, and sure, why not complain about that? If they really want a militarized border with 20,000 new border patrol agents, drones, radar, a hundreds of miles of new fences then maybe they should pass a bill that has that, unlike the Senate. I mean, it's not like their immigration bill would have any of that, right?

So wait, it's not enough that the Senate passed a bill with bipartisan support that militarizes the border with tens of thousands of agents and drones - I mean, really? Drones? If introducing what amounts to a new military the size of Ireland's standing army along the border isn't enough "border security," what would be?

The answer is, "Anything but the Senate." They could pass immigration reform that reintroduces the gold standard, outlaws marriage equality, and privatizes social security. Boehner simply wouldn't accept it as "good enough."

This is all part of a bigger trend that shows John Boehner's House doesn't care about what happens outside of the House. Need another example? He passed student loan legislation that MORE than doubles interest rates for millions of students!

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The Republican house is again using the do nothing strategy that has been the signature of the GOP since they were high jacked by tea party radical rights. They can't see past the next election and they can't see the results of the last election. The last Presidential election showed very clearly that what Americans want now as a majority include a Latino factor. That doesn't mean the legal voting Latino population doesn't want immigration reform, they do. The way the GOP handled the issue of immigration was with harsh criticism meant solely to stir up their base. What they don't realize is that strategy beat them in 2012 and wont be a winning strategy for 2014. Maybe they do realize it but can't back away from tearing families apart and still be elected by the constituents they've "got stirred up".

Kevin Legg

You are so right. You can talk about any pressing issue: climate change, energy, environment, gun laws, job creation, infrastructure, income inequality, the debt, and all they want to do is obstruct; simply to prevent Obama & Democrats from accomplishing anything. These Anti-Democrats are destroying their own institution, Congress, in the process. They have no real loyalty to this nation, only to the rich and giant corporations. They don't care for the welfare of the overwhelming majority of American people (to say nothing of the world). And they seem clueless that at some point, if all the rules, all government policy keeps favoring the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us, the vast majority of American people will get fed up and strike back at those who are keeping them down, like what happens everywhere else where inequality and repression reign.

James Rankin

.John Boehner, isn't for the people. Even refuses to put up bills for a up and down vote. I now for sure it will be a cold day in he--, before I ever vote Republican again no matter who is running. I never belonged to any party, but would look up every one running for office, then voted for that person. I am a moderate. The house has pulled so many dirty tricks to try to keep poor and middle class from voting which isn't right. Upped interest rates for college students, refused to even have a up or down vote on bills sent to the house that was good for the country. Now trying to pass bills for special ID's, to make it harder for people without transportation to go and get these special ID's. I could go on and on but what's the use, we all know he is all for oil, big business, and his own pocket. For sure has no respect for women. So be it what goes around comes around and bites you in the butt.

Mary Hale

This just illustrates how much work Democrats need to do for the 2014 House election..we need to get rid of these crazy tea pots. We need a House that will work with the Senate and President Obama to get things done for the American people.

barbara fisher
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