Democracy for America: Nominate a Fed Chair Who Will Stand Up for The Middle Class

July 26, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 8 comments

Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, released this statement following the announcement the White House would delay an appointment of a new Fed Chairman until this Fall:

"Democracy for America is happy to hear that the White House has decided to postpone the appointment for Chair of the Federal Reserve until this fall.  Given her considerable contributions both inside and outside the Fed and her recognition of the realities that all Americans face in today's economy, Janet Yellen is clearly the right person for this critical post and we urge President Obama to appoint her when the time comes.

Ultimately, the President's credibility and legacy as a true champion of the middle class is on the line in this choice and we intend to work to ensure he doesn't nominate someone, like Larry Summers, whose Wall Street ties makes him inappropriate choice for Fed Chairman." -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

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Bravo! I am shocked that Larry Summers is even being considered.

Chaim Julian

not Larry Summers.

donald knutzen

Please, NO Larry Summers. He is totally WRONG for anything but prison!

Michael Quinn

Sounds good to me....Mr President...are you with us??? I certainly hope so...


Survival of democracy requires a strong middle class. Janet Yellen has the clarity of vision to work for a strong America, for democracy itself.

Karen Steffenhagen

Know that your postponement of Federal Reserve chairperson will not make us forget that you were going to appoint Larry Summers, a real blighter. Blunder, Mr. Obama - forget Larry Summers and appoint someone who will help the Middle Class recover from the theft and destruction Larry Summers was part and parcel of. Janet Yellen. Appoint her.

Judith Nappe

Larry Summers is arrogant and frankly speaking ignorant. Simply bullying and massaging data to fit your personal agenda is not a sign of either a scientist or an intellectually honest person. No way this man should be Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Eric Lewis

Urge Pres. Obama to appoint Ms. Yellen or another highly capable woman... or a non-establishment type male. This would make HIS campaign emphasis on CHANGE have real believability. This would thrill my 83 year-old bones. Also, Dr. Dean should stop Scarborough from disrespecting him and blocking his views on air. I would like to see more of his facts regarding why Summers should not be the next Fed chair!!!

Matthew Gopde
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