VIDEO: Senators Harkin and Begich have a lot to say on Social Security

July 30, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 4 comments

Sen. Begich and Sen. Harkin sat down to discuss their path to preserve Social Security for generations to come. Check it out...

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What's in the video:

0:35 - you’ll want to get married and raise your kids, but now your parents will have to move in with you

1:00 - McConnell thinks he knows better than Ds about young people

1:40 - Begich knows that people want to be paid back for the money they’ve paid in

1:52 - Harkin knows that Wall Street has been trying to grab the money

2:21 - Begich talks about the cost of living adjustment, and keeping the chained-CPI out of the picture on our elders

3:02 - Harkin’s take on laborers vs. office workers needing retirement. People work for 40 years in jobs that aren’t cushy

3:58 - Challenge to young people to find an alternative to social security. It’s going to be much, much pricier.

4:13 - From Begich, we can renew faith in government, and make a promise to future generations that isn’t hard to fix

What it means:

  • Benefits expand $800/year
  • The cap on taxing income is lifted, making the rich pay into the program just like millions of working Americans
  • Cost of living adjustments actually reflect the changing needs of seniors
  • Social Security remains safe for 75 years, and is no longer a bargaining chip for any party

Stand up for our seniors. Join the 113,000 others who have sent a message and sign the petition supporting progressive Social Security reform!

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I agree. I've been saying that we need to increase the tax income cap so social security can last forever. The other thing we need to then focus on is getting people good paying, full time jobs - where their income will also go towards social security funds. The Regressive Party, as Robert Reich calls them, needs to be kicked out of politics completely once and for all.

Carol Stone

I've been fighting the repeal of GPO/WEP since 1982 as a very young widow with two young children to raise and educate. The Reagan administration sneakily passed the GPO/WEP. My innocent children lost every penny of their survivor benefits as did I. Since then, I worked in education. Now I'm denied my earned/paid SS pension. My entire life has been a living hell since then which continues today. The GPO/WEP is UNFAIR, unethical, possibly illegal. It has left me with two options as I am chronically ill: bankruptcy and/or suicide. Yesterday I called a bankruptcy attorney and am facing ruining an entire life of perfect credit. I am also speaking with an attorney about the possibility of GPO/WEP violating civil rights and the Equality of Pay Act. Thirty-one years of fighting the GPO/WEP has finished me off. Clobbered as a young widow, innocent children penalized, now severely penalized as a senior because of a state retirement pension. I cannot afford to live anymore. Talk radio's hot button topic is currently seniors/retirees contemplating suicide as their famiies would be better off without them. We are desperate, despondent, and held hostage by a do-nothing obstructionist congress. If anyone can promise us some hope, some light at the end of the tunnel, it will be greatly appreciated. Obama promised it but has not fulfilled his promise to the NEA and seniors. Can you please help us defeat the GPO/WEP---an obscurity to the general public. This is theft by the hands of our own government which we supported longer than any other population. Congratulations to congress for a job well done in creating another poverty-stricken population--the American seniors and retirees. This is shameful. It is a disgrace, and we cannot wait forever for congress to act as we truly believe congress is simply waiting for us to pass on. Our government cannot be that greedy and unfair. Can you please help us. Please visit Social Security Fairness.Com and its corresponding Facebook page. We have two active petitions right now. We also know our politicians don't even read our emails and letters. They are too insulated, so I assume interns generate the auto emails. Sick and tired of being sick and tired of this government being guilty of highway robbery and down right theft---like Madof. Thank you, Linda Weber

Linda Weber

Lifting the cap would certainly help Social Security for decades. A true cost-of-living-raise to those receiving Social Security would help those elderly who depend solely on its benefits for their income. Not everyone has other resources after retirement.

Linda Chapell

Repeal the GPO/WEP while you're at it. Congratulations to congress for a job well done in creating another poverty-stricken population--the seniors/retires of the USA!! Many are talking suicide on local talk radio programs---how PATHETIC!!

Linda Weber
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