VIDEO: John Oliver's not likin' it.

August 8, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 2 comments

<i><b>Edit</b>: The original video we were using in this link was faulty. Check it out directly on The Daily Show's website!</i>

0:40 - Uses CNN to introduce the issue

1:15 - Says what we're all thinking

1:45 - McDonald's made $5.5 billion last year. Sooo they can't pay a living wage because?

3:00 - We apparently can't have a living wage for fast food workers because it removes the incentive to work harder

4:25 - Fox News points out that if we had a stronger economy, minimum wage workers would be paid better! Right? #ThanksObama

5:17 - Fox also doesn't know that the average age of a fast food worker is 28, and that the $2/hour wage in 1974 (adjusted for inflation) would be, Gasp!, over $9/hour in today's terms!

7:10 - More on Fox? Yeah, more on Fox. Some protesters had children, and apparently it's not McDonald's problem that those kids need to be fed. 

Sure, John Oliver's take is hilarious. But the reality is that fast food workers across the country work for suppressed wages, and it's wrong. 

Sign the petition, and let these workers strike without fear of retaliation! 

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$15 dollars an hour NOW!

Laura Fair-Schulz

The vast majority of Americans want economic equality for everyone. We support unionization of all workers. If workers don't unite and fight, using the strike as a tool to show employers who has the power, they'll lose out every time. It's time and past time for our brothers and sisters everywhere to take to the streets to fight peacefully and non-violently for fair wages. P.S. see the movie "Inequality for All" coming to theaters Sept 27, 2013.

Judith Felker
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