Social Security Stories

September 3, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 2 comments

Social Security is a promise made to generations of American workers. It's a program funded by workers, not the government. Below you'll find stories from real people.

Kay Bone - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I hope to retire when I'm 66 and I will be depending on SS to cover much of my living expense. I support myself and am not greedy - I just need enough money to pay my basic living expenses.

J. Barbara Alvord - Johnston, Iowa

My father died in 1946 at 50; he was a blue collar worker. My mother was left to pay the mortgage and support me (thirteen) and my brother (three). The SS checks were small, but my mother, who had been a stay-at-home mother, was able to find work and keep the family going - even in near poverty. I am 82; I depend on SS and two relatively small pensions to keep going myself. I paid in to SS for 48 years. Expanding it and adding years to its life is the thing to do. Lift the ceiling paid in by income earned.

There are millions of seniors who just want financial security. 

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Nice post and really intelligent thought. I appreciate your post …. Thanking you.

james henry

Social security must not be increased.. It was designed to supplement lifetime savings and pensions. Not be a sole source of survival.. If the ceiling increases it creates hardship on the workers in this country that now must support the growing(no longer small) percentage of citizens collecting that are manipulating the system. Not to mention that most collectors have put in far less than they are receiving from it, my generation will get the opposite.. We will have put in more than we will receive.

Young American
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