WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Tells Washington What They Should Be Doing

September 9, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 7 comments

This was quite the incredible speech from a true progressive hero, Elizabeth Warren. 

It's just a minute long, so we won't ruin it with spoilers. WATCH and let us know what you think in the comments. 

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Elizabeth Warren warned (tried to) us back when Greenspan&wall street were robbing America thru "derivitives, credit default swaps, etc... mortgage backed securities rated triple A and worthless ,sold across the globe. Ruining economies across Europe, Iceland, Great Britian, Ireland. to shut her up congress defunded her "start-up agency" /upstart agency.. Consumer Protection agency

joseph ebbitt

Senator Warren is a fighter and she will win the fight if we stand behind her and support her. I am proud to have voted for her and I commend her on all her accomplishments in the short time she has served. Thank you, Senator Warren!

Terese McCready

Elizabeth for President

Laura Dent

I am in total agreement we must fight an we must win if America is to prosper

Betsy Dunn

It is so simple. The job of leaders is to promote the public good. We have become a broken system where bribery from lobbyists is the foundation of our political system and the Supreme Court is not functioning so the constitution is irrelevant. Is insurrection our only answer?

Ellen Silverman

I would like to see this lady run for President in 2016. She's a true progressive!!!

Michelle Lenhart

Elizabeth Warren's voice should be heard much more than it is! She is truly an inspiration to us all and I look forward to her rise in the progressives' fight for equality.

Betsy Hunt
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