Chris Christie is wrong.

September 12, 2013
By Franco Caliz | 1 comments

While he’s putting on a show down in Texas to get GOP support for a potential presidential run, Chris Christie has proven to be out of touch with the state he supposedly governs, and New Jersey deserves better.  His extreme policies have consistently favored the wealthy and big businesses, while he continues to ignore the interests and values of the people who elected him to office.  Not to mention, he has completely gutted the budgets for education, public services, and health care.

Although he claims to be a moderate, he remains firmly against marriage equality, responsible environmental policies, and women's reproductive rights.  Instead, he aligns himself with far-right republicans, slashing critical state aid to institutions he believes to be unnecessary.  Clearly, it’s time for a change in New Jersey.

Fortunately, there is a progressive option for governor: Barbara Buono. 

New Jersey should support a real leader who will represent real progressive values.  Democratic State Senator Barbara Buono is committed to turn New Jersey around.  She offers a progressive vision for the state and has delivered before.

Help us elect Barbara Buono and stop Chris Christie.

During her time as Budget Chair, Buono proved that you can cut billions in wasteful government spending without sacrificing critical funding for education, healthcare, and public services across the state.  She has worked tirelessly for the rights of LGBT citizens in New Jersey, sponsoring marriage equality legislation in 2008, and expanding the state’s hate crime laws to include protections for the transgender community.  Her commitment to women’s rights is unwavering, fighting to keep health clinics like planned parenthood open and firmly supporting the right to choose. Unlike Christie, Buono supports common sense solutions to reduce gun violence, offering a comprehensive plan that includes universal background checks to close the private sale loophole for gun purchases. 

Barbara Buono is a clear champion for DFA values in New Jersey, and deserves your support for Governor. 

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