Jon Stewart Says Exactly What We Are All Thinking

October 1, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 57 comments

Last night Jon Stewart absolutely killed it, and explained exactly why we are in this mess. WATCH: 

What do you think of the first government shutdown in 17 years? 

P.S. Are you frustrated about the shutdown? Don't get mad, organize. Find out how you can get involved. 

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Good watch!

Norina Geter

love it!

charlene hamman

Loooooveeee iiiiitttt!!!!

coralie satta

Thankfully we have Keith Olbermann, John Stewart, Steven Colbert, Bill Maher, M.S.N.B.C., and the Democratic Party to tell us the truth. Less than a day old and I tuned to see Fox Notnews, and they are already reporting the failure of Obamacare. They are so predictable.


The most hysterical coverage I've heard. I laughed to the point of tears. RIGHT ON! Just one thing irked me...could you please throw your paper in a recycle bin!!! Really! Thank you. :)

Lisa Volkert

THANK YOU........unfortunately Republicans don't watch your show! What to do? What to do?

Sunshine Amthauer

Great points, but in my opinion, he didn't go anywhere near far enough. Obamacare IS the law of the land. As Stewart said, everything was done by the book. The republicans may not like it. So what? *I* don't like having to pay taxes. But the law says I have no choice. If someone owes taxes, they don't get to tell the IRS that they need to negotiate about how taxes are decided. They get to pay their taxes or go to jail. Our elected officials are simply the friggin EMPLOYEES of "WE THE PEOPLE") (to quote the document that the republicans are so fond of saying that they love)! They also swore oaths to defend the Constitution. The supreme court has ruled that Obamacare is Constitutional. Republicans are willing to sabotage the government of the US because the disagree with the supreme court. Once again: Tough. As long as they say they disagree, they're exercising their own Constitutional rights - and obligations. Once the take action to shut down the government over an issue that they don't like but that has been ruled Constitutional, they're not only violating the oaths that they took, but they're attempting to subvert the Constitution and committing treason and should be arrested and charged. Being an employee of WE THE PEOPLE should not be an excuse for treasonous temper tantrums!

Steve Wilson

You have a way of cutting through the bull shit and attack the problem.

michael eismont

I love Jon's take on this situation. I also wonder where their Bibles were when they were pulling out their constitutions? They always carry on about the 2nd Amendment. Let them eat guns!

Toby Kaufman

Fire the Republicans for being bullies and not doing the job that voters asked them to do.

Cindy Ward

Jon - you are priceless in making this so clear to the American public. The Tea Party Republicans should all be ashamed of themselves and be fired!

Julie Donelson

Time to reload all the new operating system software for the complete paradigm shift B| (Y)

Freedom Reigns

There is a major question. Why are all the elected members of the government exempt from mandatory participation in the Health Care legislation? If it is mandatory for Most to participate, shouldn't the folks who wrote the bill set the example and be the first in line to sign up?

Freedom Reigns

The least you could do is spell Jon's first name correctly! (I *LOVE* "The Daily Show" - and the award-winning "Colbert Report"!)

Donald Williams

Jon , please send them a copy of your little book, They might get a chance to read it since they have shut the government down

Mary Terrell

The Congressman who couldn't find his copy probably used it for toilet paper because of government cuts.

Catherine Nochella

The Congressman who couldn't find his copy probably used it for toilet paper because of government cuts.

Catherine Nochella

While Jon Stewart's words are accurate, they are not all encompassing as to the current Constitutional crisis. I see our 3 branches of government (Administrative, Legislative, and Judicial) as a constant 'game' of Rock, Paper, Scissors. They each have the power to over-rule what the other's have done. The Supreme Court can over-rule (by majority) any law passed by the Legislative Branch and signed by the Pres. The President does not have to sign a law for it to take effect, Congress can make it so by a 2/3 majority. If the Supreme's decide against the law (which can only happen if a lawsuit is brought before them) then back to square one in Congress. If Congress does not act as a representative of the will of the People, they can be voted out of office, as with the President. The high card in this game is that the President can appoint judges to the Court that reflect his philosophy. So, are we in a mess? Yes and no. Our government (Constitution) was designed to be an interactive 'game' of the will of the people, with respect for the rights of the minority. And this messiness of debate; debacle; and decisions is better than: might makes right. So, what to do now? Make your voices heard, directly and/or by voting. It is your chance to 'have a say' and shoot your 'bullet'.

Robert Parker

Republicans are crazy. Sad example my Congressional Rep, Jaime Herrera-Beutler, R-Camas, WA, knowingly and recently gave birth to a severely disabled child. Naturally the congresswoman has healthcare coverage and we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on her healthcare. Then the congresswoman votes to deny her constituents and their children health care coverage. Hypocrisy at it's worst and most dangerous.

Brian Olson

I have always thought we would lose our country from within, not from some foreign invader. With just a few warriors the tea partiers have managed to bring this country to its knees! They have accomplished what no terrorist has been able to do. I consider this group nothing more than domestic terrorist. I do not believe they have American interest at heart. I see no American spirit in any of them! We are a people who care for and about our neighbors, we do not wish to abandon all that we have strived and fought for. I don’t believe we are ready to give it all away to form a union where all go their own way with no thought for others. Tell the tea party to kiss off!

Gordon Betts

Jon absolutely rocked it! And the clowns in the Republican party ought to be removed from office (sorry, no offense to circus clowns!) and made to exist on minimum wage and no health care! Shame on the GOP!

Linda Weigand

I think the Republicans are like pre- pubescent teenage boys. They are a domestic terrorist group. They are so threatened by Obama that they will kill the country to get their way. Maybe we need yo give them som low T pills so they feel like men again and don't hav to prove they are big shots. We need an amendment to the Constitution saying that if the country is shutdown they should lose their health care and their paychecks. They call for smaller government, but are trying to make the government responsible for female health, birth control and abortion. I hope they all rot in hell.

Maryann Burkholtz

Disgusting to play around with people's lives ! Work it out, folks !

Patricia Sonnenstuhl

The Republicans are violating the law! Obamacare was put into law by congress and signed by the president. The Supreme Court upheld the lawfulness of Obamacare. It would seem as though the Republicans are in violation and should be tried for violating a law. Also, if this shutdown results in serious harm to U.S. credibility as well as the economy, I think that this may be considered a treasonous act by many of the Republican Congressmen for which they should be held accountable. Also, I wonder how much of this unreasonable and illegal stand is fueled by not only racism; but by substantial amounts of contributions to these congress people by the insurance industry and by "Big Pharma". An investigation should be launched into all these possibilities.

Susan Ross

I would laugh at these comments but there's nothing funny about ill-informed voters who are directly responsible for the mess we're in right now. Sad. Very, very sad.

Shannon Jones
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