DFA Daily — November 7th

November 7, 2013
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Headlines from November 7:

Close Result in Va. Governor’s Race Hardens GOP Divisions — Washington Post

GOP fissures were highlighted in the aftermath of the Cuccinelli loss.

Democrats gird for minimum wage battle — The Hill

Harkin is leading the charge to increase the minimum wage to $10.10, but the push is still in its early stages.

15 Under-the-Radar Progressive Wins of 2013 — Raw Story


DFA’s Top Clips:

Liberals Dance on the Grand Bargain’s Grave — Buzzfeed

Jim Dean, the chairman of Democracy for America, said that targeting the benefit programs would be a losing issue for any politician — and Democrats would be wise to stay away from supporting changes like chained CPI.

“No elected official of any party would dare be able to go back to their district with something like a chained CPI, I don’t care how conservative they are, or how liberal they are,” he said. “I haven’t quite figured out why it keeps floating around. I really don’t … I’m hard pressed to figure out why any body, including any body at the White House, would push the proposal.”

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“Does it have something to do with ballooning executive pay? Or maybe just corporate greed.”

“When Democrats run as common-sense progressives, they win big.”

“Being a progressive at its most basic.”

“This is why corporations need to pay their fair share.”



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