DFA Daily — November 8th

November 8, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 0 comments

Headlines from November 8:

Economy Added 204k Jobs During Shutdown, Unemployment Rate Ticked Up to 7.3 Percent — Washington Post

Amidst predictions that the shutdown would have stunted job growth, these numbers come as a surprise.

$10 Minimum Wage Proposal Has Growing Support From White House — New York Times

There’s cautious optimism that even the House could get on board with the Fair Minimum Wage Act.  

DFA’s Top Clips:

Liberals Are Preparing Right Now to Press Hillary Clinton on Entitlements — The New Republic

Jim Dean, the head of Democracy for America—founded by his brother, 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean—said he’s more immediately focused on growing a grassroots army in the states that will solidify public opinion on issues of economic security and enhancing Social Security and Medicare. But he’s also concerned that a Clinton coronation would preempt a clash on how to enhance benefit programs, which he refuses to call “entitlements.” “I am interested in other candidates because we need other candidates to have a debate to push this forward,” Dean said. “We will be pushing the envelope on this. We’re going to press that debate.  We’ll fight back against it if she doesn’t.”

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