DFA Daily — November 19th

November 19, 2013
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Headlines from Tuesday, November 19th:

Health law helpers finding more luck on Healthcare.gov — Reuters

Some call centers have seen major improvements in their ability to people in the last few days.

Private Consultants Warned of Risks Before Healthcare.gov’s Oct. 1 Launch — Washington Post

A newly disclosed document shows that major questions arose about website’s functionality as early as March.

Coal Fires Up Two Key Senate Races in 2014 — Roll Call

In Kentucky and West Virginia, coal politics will play a big role in GOP push to recapture the Senate.

DFA's Top Clips:

GOP Faces Uphill Effort in Electing More Women — Women’s News

"Female Democrats get lots of help from organizations outside the party, which is extremely useful to women who may not have the contacts that men of both parties do and need help in raising money and learning how to run successful campaigns," said Jim Dean, chair of Democracy for America, a political action committee in Burlington, Vt., which was founded in 2004 by the state's former governor, Howard Dean, to rebuild the Democratic Party and elect progressive candidates.

"Our organization has backed women like Annise Park who was elected mayor of Houston on Nov. 5, as well as candidates for school boards, state legislatures and other state and local offices that can be the stepping stones to the House," said Dean in a phone interview.

Would An Elizabeth Warren Primary Challenge to Hillary Be Good for Democrats? — Huffington Post

Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America, a liberal grassroots advocacy group, said, "The Democratic Party would benefit from a competitive presidential primary in 2016."

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