DFA Daily — November 22

November 22, 2013
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Headlines from Friday, November 22:

Senate’s Filibuster Rule Change Should Help Obama Achieve Second-Term Priorities  — Washington Post

The move will have major effects on Obama’s ability to implement his economic, climate, and healthcare agendas.

Filibuster Vote Raises Stakes for 2014 — Politico

It’s now critical for Democrats to maintain control of the Senate in 2014.

Expanding Social Security — New York Times  

Krugman makes the case for expanding Social Security.

GOP May Be About to Fold in Protracted Food Stamp Fight — Talking Points Memo

Republicans appear to want to “put the farm bill behind [them]” and move on.

We had 104 press clippings today! Here are some of the top ones: 

Senate Democrats Placate Dispirited Core Liberals With Rules Change — Associated Press

“Senate Democrats have rightly reformed the filibuster, and the grass-roots base of the Democratic Party have their back for taking this important stand,” said Charles Chamberlain, executive director of the 1.2 million-strong Democracy for America. The group tends to favor challengers, but Chamberlain said the rules change would be a factor in endorsements and support.

“There's no question our members are extremely excited. They've been fighting for years,” Chamberlain said. His group, along with Credo Action and Daily Kos Action, delivered more than 285,000 petitions to Reid. Combined, he said, they represent 5 million members.

Harry Reid’s Victory Lap — National Journal

A coalition of groups including Democracy for America and CREDO Action had collected almost 300,000 signatures pushing Reid to act, but he gave them a victory before they even had the chance to deliver them.

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“This is why we need to expand Social Security.”

“The filibuster is dead! (at least when it comes to non-Supreme Court presidential nominees). What do you think of this historic rule change?”

“This made us want to scream, then get every progressive activist we know onboard to fight income inequality. WATCH.”

“This is pretty unreal and a vote is happening now to fix it! Add your name if you support the U.S. Senate Democrats’ effort fix the filibuster.”

Other news:

Texas’ Other Death Penalty — Texas Observer

“There’s a popular myth that the uninsured — in Texas, that’s 25 percent of us — can always get medical care through emergency rooms.” Not so: the ER will patch you up and move you on.



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