DFA Daily — November 27th

November 27, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 0 comments

Headlines from Wednesday, November 27th:

Pope Francis Rips Capitalism and Trickle-Down Economics in New Policy Statement — Raw Story

Pope Francis says inequality is the root of social ills.

How Republicans Can Still Block Obama’s Judges: Blue Slips — Talking Points Memo

The process asks home state senators to approve the judge nominated for their state. If they disapprove, the process can grind to a halt.

State Successes Show Health Care Law Can Work — Politico

California, Washington, Connecticut, and Kentucky are states where the process is working particularly well.

After Internal Review of Benghazi Report, CBS Puts Lara Logan on Leave — NPR

Initially, there had been surprisingly little reaction to Logan’s news segment on a very flawed story.

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“All we want on black friday is a livable minimum wage.”

“Did you see The Hunger Games this past weekend? Unfortunately, it says some very real things about income inequality. Unlike Panem, we can do something about it in America, and it starts with passing a livable wage: http://bit.ly/1aO424D.”



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