DFA Daily — December 9th

December 10, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 0 comments

Headlines from Monday, December 9:

Budget deal this week amounts to ceasefire as sides move to avert a standoff — Washington Post

Among other things, the deal boasts no major changes to corporate tax loopholes or Social Security, and it will not significantly reduce the national debt.

No Soul Searching for Virginia GOP After Losses — Politico

To hear the GOP tell it, their losses in VA were purely cosmetic.

Top DFA Clips:

“Robbing” The “War on Christmas” — Canada Free Press

So it is that Democracy for America, the progressive organizational arm of the Democrat Party, agitating their voting constituents against the rest of the country, has sent out a memo, accusing Republicans of waging a War on Christmas –

“Well, this year there is a real ‘War on Christmas;’ and it’s not being waged by the ACLU or the Democratic (sic) Party.”

Chairman Jim Dean said, “This year, the Republicans are playing Scrooge, robbing 1.3 million people across America of desperately needed unemployment benefits right in the middle of the holiday season – and setting the stage for robbing millions more of the same benefits later.”

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“Over the last three years, Governor Branstad has engaged in a campaign of deception about job growth in Iowa. By only counting jobs gained -- and not any that were lost -- he falsely inflated the numbers to make his jobs record look better. Add your name.”

“If there were one thing you would change about this community, what would it be?”



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