DFA Daily — December 12th

December 12, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 2 comments

Headlines from Thursday, December 10:

How Sequester Cuts Divided Haves From the Have Nots — Washington Post

The cuts were supposed to cause equal pain across a spectrum of Washington programs. They hurt low-income Americans the most.

How is Obamacare Enrollment Going?  — Talking Points Memo

On Wednesday, the administration released new enrollment data. Here’s a map of those statistics.

Michigan Women Will Now Have to Purchase “Rape Insurance” To Get An Abortion — Raw Story

Another horrifying attack on reproductive rights.

DFA’s Top Clips:

Dems Threaten Budget Deal — The Hill

Several liberal advocacy groups, including the Campaign for America’s Future and Democracy for America, are lobbying Democrats to sink the proposal based on the exclusion of a UI extension.

"By failing to include an unemployment insurance extension in the budget deal, negotiators have declared 'War on Christmas' and potentially sentenced millions of struggling Americans to a very bleak New Year," Jim Dean, head of Democracy for America, said in a statement.

Congressional Budget Negotiators Reach A Deal — Lebanon Democrat

Jim Dean, chairman of Democracy for America, said Democrats should reject the deal because it failed to include an unemployment insurance extension. "Negotiators have declared 'War on Christmas,' and potentially sentenced millions of struggling Americans to a very bleak New Year," he said.

Sanders: Budget Pact Protects Social Security and Medicare — VT Digger

A petition signed by more than 700,000 Americans opposing cuts in Social Security was delivered last month to the offices of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. Sanders spearheaded the petition effort working with grassroots groups including CREDO, Daily Kos, Campaign for America’s Future, Social Security Works, Democracy for America, Progressives United, MoveOn, Other98, USAction and the Alliance for Retired Americans.

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