DFA Daily — December 20th

December 20, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 6 comments

Headlines from Friday, December 20:

Obama Administration relaxes rules of healthcare law four days before deadline — Washington Post

In a memo, the Administration said Americans whose plans were cancelled can now buy bare bones planes or be exempted from the individual mandate altogether.

Senate eases path for sending more Guantanamo detainees home — Reuters

The Defense bill includes provisions that expand Obama’s ability to send detainees home.

DFA’s Top Clips:

For Obamacare boosters, all memes are good memes — Politico

“It is reflective of a class of Republicans who are clueless about what it means to reach out to your base,” said Neil Sroka, communications director for the liberal group Democracy for America and a former director of new media at U.S. Department of Commerce in the Obama administration.

Sroka said the ‘pajama boy’ ad wasn’t aimed at cultural conservatives who are already dead set against the law. To him, it was a targeted ad designed with Obama supporters in mind.

“The talk about health care that pajama boy is looking to have is one with his parents or his crazy uncle,” Sroka said.

Challenger Laiacona Knocking on Ald. Laurino’s Door in 39th Ward — NBC Chicago

As a longtime political activist and an openly gay man, Laiacona wears his progressive politics proudly on his sleeve. As a part-time computer science instructor at Columbia College Chicago, a position he held for 21 years, he helped found a staff union that ultimately numbered more than a thousand. Today, he serves as a community member of Roosevelt High School Local School Council and a voting member of North Side Democracy For America.

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