A Toast to the Organizers!

This just had to be shared. After the election, MSNBC's Chris Hayes took the time to congratulate organizers, and recognize the grassroots actions that helped candidates from the president all the way down to city council win. WATCH:

Having been an organizer, I would love to see the main stream media share this story more often. As we get barraged with political ads, and pundits on TV every election, Americans see the most cynical side of politics. Not only is grassroots organizing what wins elections (Karl Rove learned that the hard way), but it also is the special sauce that makes politics great. There is nothing more energizing and invigorating than being in a campaign office on E-day with the volunteers fired up to help their guy or gal win. The energy is nothing but positivity and excitement for what's to come. On E-day organizers care about one thing and one thing only, that is getting as many people to the polls as possible. There is a message I would love to see talked about on the main stream media everyday. 

As we gear up to the next election in 2014 and beyond we must continue to share the story of how these hard working organizers all over the country beat Karl Rove and big money. We must share the positivity that grassroots organizers and volunteers bring to the political process everyday, and most importantly we must share that always important message of go vote. 

Is there an organizer that you want to thank? Let us know in the comments. 

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POLITICO: Raul Ruiz win tells story of Election 2012

POLITICO: Raul Ruiz win tells story of Election 2012

By KATE NOCERA | 11/18/12 11:20 PM EST

If the growing sway of Latinos in American politics was the story of election 2012, Raul Ruiz’s triumph in California’s 36th Congressional District was a dramatic subplot.

The son of migrant farmworkers who scraped his way through UCLA and then Harvard Medical School, Ruiz dislodged Rep. Mary Bono Mack, a 14-year fixture of the Republican Conference who didn’t seem to fully appreciate the district’s fast-growing Hispanic population until it was too late.

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Did you know that Raul Ruiz was one of our top tier Dean Dozen Candidates? It was the polling we sponsored with the PPP, that skyrocket his campaign from unknown to a potential upset on the national stage. 

Along with Raul Ruiz' strong grassroots campaign, DFA members provided an extra push to help put him over the top, making a grand total of 22,462 thousand get-out-the-vote calls. Thanks to your hard work this was at true grassroots victory. Congrats Dr. Ruiz!

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Think Mid-Term Elections Don't Matter? Think Again.

In 2010, Progressives and Democrats chose to sit on the sidelines.  They simply did not turn out at the polls with the force that they had in 2008 or they would in 2012. Instead, the electorate that showed up was older and whiter than the true electorate, vastly under representing the depth and diversity of our great country. Over the last two years we have seen what a destructive force the 2010 Tea Party wave in Congress was. Often overlooked, this 2010 wave led many state legislatures down the same Tea Party path as Congress.

It was this 2010 Tea Party wave in state houses across the country that drew the new congressional district maps for the next 10 years. And they carried out their task with surgical precision.

Fast forward now to 2012: if you look at the popular vote in Congressional elections, the American people voted for a Democratic Majority   However, the House is still controlled by Republicans. As the above chart shows, the newly cut lines heavily favored Republicans, a direct result of low voter turnout in 2010.

If we are to take back the house in 2014, we are going to have to mobilize like never before. So it's up to you.  What can we do to make sure that the victories that progressives have won across this country are not abandoned in 2014 like they were in 2010?

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DFA Members Made the Difference

This past election was a huge victory for progressives, and it was all thanks to you! Check out all that fellow DFA members accomplished on behalf of progressive candidates this cycle? 

As we look forward to 2013 and beyond, what issues/candidates would you like to see DFA organize around? 

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