Wayne's World - NRA CEO's bizarre Op-ed

Yesterday, Wayne LaPierre’s “Stand and Fight” op-ed was featured on Daily Caller. The NRA’s CEO made a series of strange remarks and dark ideas about the world we live in. He warned Americans against violent Latin American drug gangs—suggesting that dangerous illegal’s were crossing the border “whose jobs are murder, rape, robbery, and kidnapping.” Furthermore, he wrote the US-Mexican border was such a threat it is “remains open to agents of al Qaeda.”

He also wrote: “After Hurricane Sandy, we saw the hellish world that the gun prohibitionist see as their utopia. Looters ran wild in south Brooklyn. There was no water or electricity.”

Apparently, LaPierre hasn’t seen I Am Legend, or maybe he has? Because as devastating as Sandy was, that is not what I saw, nor what I heard from friends and family living in the area. What I did see was the communities of NYC and NJ working togeter, like everyday people, to make it through—there were certainly challenges of course but nothing of the post-apocalyptic--Walking Dead like world as LaPierre says.

In fact, what LaPierre seems to be suggest is that the collapse of civilization is right around the corner and somehow if you want gun safety, you therefore want civilization to collapse… He says the NRA is not paranoid--however, he notes thanks to President Obama there will be no “…police protection. And the American people know it.” With 92% of Americans in favor of President Obama's proposed background checks, I'm afraid it is LaPierre that might be the one bit of touch...

The NRA exec. ends this crazed rant with this: “We are the largest civil rights organization in the world.” Honestly, one can’t even make a serious attempt at responding to such an outrageous claim. Clearly, the NRA is incredibly out of touch with reality. The majority of Americans—regardless of party affiliation would find these ideas offensive and fantastically ridiculous.

At DFA we continues to support responsible gun ownership and steps to make laws that will decrease the country’s gun violence. To echo Obama’s SOTU address Tuesday, the families who lost loved ones to gun violence deserve a vote. We support the President and anti-gun violence leaders as they move forward to get this done. We must act now. It is time for gun safety reform.

Today Democracy for America has put together a new T.V. ad of John Woods. John was a student at Virginia Tech when a shooter massacred 32 people, including John's girlfriend, Maxine. His message is heartbreaking and powerful -- and we're going to make sure it's heard in Washington. Please take a moment to watch and donate $3 or more today to help us put it on the air during this Sunday's edition of This Week.

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"They Deserve a Vote" Watch

Last night we all watched as President Obama stood up for the victims of gun violence. re-WATCH this historic State of the Union moment here:

The President's leadership is unlike any we've seen from the nation's commander in chief before. In a room with over 100 relatives of gun violence, the moment was especially powerful for its impact on the audience. It is one that will surely be remembered in the years to come. As for the green ribbons, they were worn in honor of the victims of the Newton, Conn. elementary school shooting. We must strive to capture this moment and end gun violence once and for all.

Don't let more American's lives be torn apart. Watch John's story here:

DFA continues efforts to push Congress to pass gun safety legislation. Sign our petition here and call for greater gun violence reform. After all, we do deserve a vote.

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WATCH: Morning Joe Calls Out Republicans

Today on Morning Joe, Former Congressman, Joe Scarborough called upon the Republican party to stop the ‘insanity’ and pass gun safety legislation.

"I have to ask my republican brother and sisters this morning, are you really going to be captive to the Wayne LaPierre survivalist wing of the NRA and be in the 7% of extremists that are going to be against keeping guns out of the hand of felons?" -Joe Scarborough

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According to the latest poll from Quinnipac University, 56% of registered voters nationwide are in support of an assault weapons ban. Moreover, 92% of Americans across the nation support universal gun background checks. As Scarborough said, the GOP can no longer stand idly by and ignore the American people. The Republican party has been swept up by Tea Party and the gun manufacture's lobby, the NRA, for far too long--to the point where it is simply irrational.

DFA calls for no more nonsense. We continue to work towards issues of gun safety. Sign our petition here and Stand against gun violence.

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Republican Todd Tiahrt Continues GOP Tradition of Being a Hypocrite

Jon Stewart is at it again with his excellent analysis of Republican hypocrisy. In the wake of the President's gun safety press conference there has been a lot of talk, some making good points, others not so much. Let Jon break it down for you:

And Part 2:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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The same people who call for the government to just enforce the existing gun laws – Todd Tiahrt and the NRA, especially – have managed to completely neuter the ATF's ability to do just that. When will this hypocrisy end? How much more of it can we take? The Tea Party Congress, backed by the overreaching Washington lobbyists, is crippling our government's ability to do its job.

What do you like most about Stewart's analysis? Tell us in the comments, and share your thoughts with us about gun safety, the NRA leadership, or any other political issue currently on your mind. Our members keep us moving forward. Follow us on Twitter,like us on Facebook, and keep up with our work in the progressive movement.

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Watch: Gun Activist claims background checks are a “waste of time”

Even Right-Wing Fox News is confused by some of the things their guest will say. This Sunday on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace attempted to construct a conversation about background checks and gun sales. However, his guest Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America was not so interested in having a productive debate. Instead, Pratt went straight for the jugular claiming background checks create a false sense of security, and that legislatures should stop wasting their time with background checks and should work to remove gun-free zones in schools and churches. Watch the video here:

(Thanks ThinkProgress!)

When you’re done head on over here to sign our petition asking Congress to “Pass An Assault Weapons Ban”

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