Boehner confirms that the House won't get anything done

First, check out this short video produced by John Boehner's office. 

Straight from the horse's mouth: The House isn't going to do anything. You can see that Boehner is complaining about "real border security" at around 0:40 seconds, and sure, why not complain about that? If they really want a militarized border with 20,000 new border patrol agents, drones, radar, a hundreds of miles of new fences then maybe they should pass a bill that has that, unlike the Senate. I mean, it's not like their immigration bill would have any of that, right?

So wait, it's not enough that the Senate passed a bill with bipartisan support that militarizes the border with tens of thousands of agents and drones - I mean, really? Drones? If introducing what amounts to a new military the size of Ireland's standing army along the border isn't enough "border security," what would be?

The answer is, "Anything but the Senate." They could pass immigration reform that reintroduces the gold standard, outlaws marriage equality, and privatizes social security. Boehner simply wouldn't accept it as "good enough."

This is all part of a bigger trend that shows John Boehner's House doesn't care about what happens outside of the House. Need another example? He passed student loan legislation that MORE than doubles interest rates for millions of students!

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4AM Congresswoman To The Rescue!

Last night at a forum on immigration, Rep. Frederica Wilson was able to connect with a family and stop a father of four from being deported at 4AM.

The bombshell request came from 18 year old Carlos Rivas: "My dad, he was two months ago arrested by ICE. I have my family right here: My mom and my three brothers and sisters. We don’t know what to do, pretty much."

The Representatives were stunned yet when they began to say it was too late, a voice from the crowd spoke up: "It's never too late." With that, the forum ended just after 9PM. There were literally mere hours left before Mr. Rivas was set to leave. However, the Democrat representatives launched into action. After many late night calls led by Rep. Fredrica Wilson (pictured right), they were able to save Mr. Rivas from deportation with a one week reprieve.

There are thousands across the nation just like Mr. Rivas and clearly, US representatives can not save them all from such a fate. However, it is small actions such as this that show us it is indeed never too late and Congress can make a significant difference in the lives of their constituents.

*Special thanks to DFA's Southern Regional Field Organizer, Franco Caliz, for sharing this story. For the full story details, please see Part 1 and Part 2 via The Miami Herald.

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The Downward Death Spiral of the GOP looks like this.

We all can agree that women's issues were a focal point of this past election and the American people spoke loud and clear. Voters rejected the backwards ideas of Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. The American people voted for the most sitting female Senators at any point in our nations history and the most diverse Congress ever. Yet, when the Republicans announced their committee chairs, this is what it looked like: 19 white men. 

The contrast could not be more clear about which party represents America. Today, Nancy Pelosi announced the Democratic Committee Leadership. Here's what it looks like: 

The result? Seven women, and eight minorities. A portrait that is a much clearer reflection of our country. 

It just seems as though the GOP does not get it. Just as they continue to leave women and minorities out of their party, they also continue to persue policies that the American people have rejected time and time again. Their fiscal cliff proposal:

To extend all the Bush Tax Cuts and cut programs Americans rely on like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. A platform they ran on in and where handed a sound defeat. The American people don't want more of the same GOP and neither do we. 

Join us in standing up to this out of touch GOP, and tell Democrats in Congress that no deal is better than a bad deal. Add your name here:

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