DFA Daily — December 5th

Headlines from Thursday, December 5:

Obama Focuses Agenda on Relieving Inequality — Washington Post

Historic speech sets agenda for rest of second term.

GOP Men Tutored in Running Against Women — Politico

Grown men need to be taught how not to be sexist or offensive.

Young Invincibles Spurn Obamacare — The Hill

In what could turn out to be Obamacare’s greatest challenge, less than a third of young people say they plan to enroll in coverage.

Top DFA Clips:

Democrats Link Themselves to Warren to Gain Primary Advantages — National Journal

That hasn't sat well with progressive activists. And Wednesday, liberal groups including, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America, and Progressives United started directing their ire at not just Third Way but Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D-Pa., an honorary cochair of the group who is also the nominal front-runner in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial primary. In effect, they told the congresswoman she had to choose Warren over Third Way if she wanted their support.

Elizabeth Warren Takes Sides in Democratic Feud — Politico

A chorus of groups aligned with the liberal wing of the party – from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee to Howard Dean’s Democracy for America and Russ Feingold’s Progressives United – responded by attacking Third Way as a Wall Street-funded front group.

Democratic Infighting All the Rage — The Hill

Groups such as the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and Democracy for America pounced on Rep. Allyson Schwartz, an honorary co-chairwoman at Third Way, who is vying with a crowded field to win the Democratic nomination for governor in Pennsylvania.

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“The state of mass media in this country is just plain sad. CNN drops the President's hour long speech on income inequality just 6 minutes in. Watch them drop the ball, then watch the full speech below: What did you think of his address?”

“WATCH: Find out from a financial planner what it would be like to try to budget on a minimum worker's salary. (Hint: pretty difficult)”

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DFA Daily — December 4th

Headlines from Tuesday, December 3:

Budget Deal Optimism Emanates from Top House Appropriator — Roll Call

Congressmen are hopeful that they will reach a deal by Dec. 13.

Administration Switches on O-Care from Defense to Attack — The Hill

After weeks of relatively passive responses, White House and administrative officials are pushing back against Obamacare attacks with a new, sharper tone.

Bernie Sanders Leapfrogs to Front of 2016 Pack — US News

Sanders has been getting a lot of buzz lately — in fact, more than any 2016 hopefuls.

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“'Like' this if you support this progressive hero!”

“Progressive = common sense.”

Other news:

Jon Stewart Joins the RNC in Celebrating the End of Racism — Talking Points Memo

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DFA Daily — December 3rd

Headlines from Tuesday, December 3:

Budget Panel Blows First Deadline — The Hill

Legislators wanted the deal by Dec. 2 in order to have time to write and pass a spending bill by the Jan. 16 deadline.

Cost of Health Care Law Is Seen Decreasing — New York Times

Obamacare is slated to cost billions less than projected.

Health-Care Enrollment on Website Plagued by Bugs — Washington Post

System errors may have affected a third of people who have signed up for health plans, and it could affect their coverage.

DFA’s Top Clips:

Silicon Valley Congressman Gets Support From Democracy for America — Time

Left-leaning political action committee Democracy for America is endorsing its first Congressional candidate for the 2014 election cycle, Rep. Michael Honda (D-Calif.). At stake is California’s 17th District, home to the Silicon Valley technology companies that are hoping to use this election to gain an ally within Congress that will push their agenda.

“At DFA, we support Democrats with backbone, who lead with vision and who fight for core Democratic values,” Dean wrote. “We’re working to elect not just any Democrat, but better Democrats. I’ve known Mike for years — he’s one of the strongest progressives we have in Congress.”

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DFA Daily — December 2nd

Headlines from Tuesday, December 2nd:

Website Sign-Ups Said to Reach 100,000 in Month — Bloomberg News

The jump in sign-ups happened even before the majority of website improvements were completed.

House Lines Up Year-End Blitz — The Hill 

There are three big pieces of legislation to finish by the year's end, and it's unlikely that all three will be finished. 

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“Progressive = common sense.”

“All you Deaniacs out there should appreciate this.”

“Still think cutting Social Security is a good idea?”

“This is frustrating, but we can change it. Add your name to call on Congress to raise the minimum wage.”

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DFA Daily — November 27th

Headlines from Wednesday, November 27th:

Pope Francis Rips Capitalism and Trickle-Down Economics in New Policy Statement — Raw Story

Pope Francis says inequality is the root of social ills.

How Republicans Can Still Block Obama’s Judges: Blue Slips — Talking Points Memo

The process asks home state senators to approve the judge nominated for their state. If they disapprove, the process can grind to a halt.

State Successes Show Health Care Law Can Work — Politico

California, Washington, Connecticut, and Kentucky are states where the process is working particularly well.

After Internal Review of Benghazi Report, CBS Puts Lara Logan on Leave — NPR

Initially, there had been surprisingly little reaction to Logan’s news segment on a very flawed story.

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“Ouch. Tell Congress to Raise The Minimum Wage! Add your name here:”

“All we want on black friday is a livable minimum wage.”

“Did you see The Hunger Games this past weekend? Unfortunately, it says some very real things about income inequality. Unlike Panem, we can do something about it in America, and it starts with passing a livable wage:”

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