What We Watched This Week: Nov. 15

Bernie Sanders on the economy: They Try to Shush Him But Bernie Sanders Persists: A Lesson to the Budget Committee on the REAL Problems with the U.S. Economy

Veterans and food stamps: The GOP Uses Vets for Photo Ops, Then Cuts Off This Essential Benefit: But Bernie Sanders Slams Republican Hypocrisy 

Immigration reform: Watch Two Teenagers Get Boehner to "Agree" To Something Pretty Surprising

Financial reform: Elizabeth Warren: "We've got to get back to running this country for America's families, not for its largest financial institutions."

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DFA Daily — November 15th

Headlines from Friday, November 15:

Health Care Law’s Problems Test Loyalty of Dems in Congress — Washington Post

The White House urged Democratic lawmakers not to support a House GOP bill expected to pass today that could keep millions of people out of the exchange by allowing people to keep their old insurance through ACA’s “grandfather provisions.”

Obama Plan Could Shift Blame to Insurers — The Hill

Obama is hoping to pin more blame on insurers for the cancellation of insurance policies.

Top DFA Clips:

Howard Dean Raising Funds for Herring AG Race — Times Dispatch

Democracy for America, a political action committee founded by Dean, said in a news release that since last week it has raised more than $25,000 for Democrat Jennifer Boysko, a candidate for the House of Delegates, in case there is a recount in her race against Del. Thomas Davis Rust, R-Fairfax.

Paul Ryan Gets 700,000 ‘No’ Votes on Social Security Cuts — Common Dreams

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., spearheaded the effort in the Senate. (The other participating organizations were the Alliance for Retired Americans, Campaign for Community Change, DailyKos, Democracy for America, The Other 98%, Progressives United, Social Security Works and USAction.)

DFA in Social Media:

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“This is why we fight to expand, not cut, Social Security.”

“It was just about a year ago that Elizabeth Warren was elected, and we can say she’s doing exactly what we hoped she would. Watch her highlight reel here.”


“Often we ask you to sign petitions, and we make sure to deliver. Check out this video of progressives dropping of over 700,000 signatures calling for no cuts to #Social Security directly to Paul Ryan's office.”

“With #Thanksgiving just two weeks away, we all need to start taking this pledge. 'Share' this if you agree.”

Other news:

Report: Billion-Dollar TSA Program To Look for Suspicious Passengers Works ‘Slightly Better Than Chance’— Raw Story

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DFA Daily — November 14th

Headlines from Thursday, November 14:

Obamacare Is in Much More Trouble Than It Was a Week Ago — Washington Post

The “Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act” is good political cover, but could seriously harm the law’s overall effectiveness and ability to bring down premiums.

Yellen Defends Stimulus In Confirmation Bid — The Hill

Testimony slated for today mounts a “vigorous defense” of the Fed’s recovery strategy.

DFA in Social Media:

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“This is one progressive value that was widely accepted in the 1950s, yet some people think it is crazy today.”

“This is why programs like Social Security and food stamps are so important.”

“The reason our economy was so slow to recover? Income inequality. Watch.”

“This is what every single politician in Washington should be saying.”

Other news:

Locked in the Cabinet: The Worst Job in Barack Obama’s Washington — Politico

Some interesting insights into how the White House works — and who wields the most power.

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What We're Watching This Week: Nov. 13

Elizabeth Warren: Show of Hands: Who Thinks They'd Win If They Had to Debate Elizabeth Warren?

Programs that keep Americans out of poverty: Poverty in America is a Problem, But These Charts Show How it Could Be Much, Much Worse

Wealth inequality and the law: How did America Become so Unequal? We'll Tell You This Much: It Wasn't By Chance

A staggering fact about tax rates for the rich in the 1950s: Why Did Republican Millionaires in Naples, FL Boo Malcolm Gladwell Over This Speech?

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DFA Daily — November 13th

Supporters cheer Hawaii State Senate's approval of same-sex marriage law. Hugh Gentry/Reuters. 

Headlines from Wednesday, November 14:

Troubled Unlikely to Work Fully By the End of November — Washington Post

Only six of the ten main problems identified have been addressed by the contractor who built the site.

Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill, Heads to Governor for Signature — Hawaii News

Hawaii becomes the 15th state to do so.

Democrat Adds to His Lead in VA Attorney General Race — Talking Points Memo

Herring has pulled into a 106-vote lead.

DFA’s Top Clips:

Populist Ire for Wall Street Makes Clinton a Poor Choice: Critics — Common Dreams

Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America, a liberal grassroots advocacy group, said the Democratic Party would benefit from a competitive presidential primary in 2016.

“The issue of income inequality is vital, and Hillary Clinton has not always had the right position,” he said. “Hillary has changed a lot, and she’s grown a lot. I think this is a candidate who has evolved in a number of important ways.

“She has some heavy lifting to do to show she’s not in the pocket of banks and a candidate of the 1 percent. That’s a more open question,” he added.

DFA in Social Media:

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“This is why programs like food stamps and Social Security are so important.”

“The real reason our economy is slow to recover? Income inequality. Watch.”

“From our Chair, Jim Dean: [text of email on Typhoon Haiyan].”

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