DFA Daily — November 11th

Headlines from November 11:

Senator to Block Obama’s Nominations Over Benghazi — Reuters

Lindsey Graham wants “more information” — and Yellen won’t become Fed chair until he gets them.

Dems: Christie Can Be Beaten — The Hill

Some strategies that succeeded in the gubernatorial race might not translate on a national scale.

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Morning Java: Expand Social Security; Stop All Consideration of Chained CPI — Progressive Influence

[Social Security infographic] Expand Social Security infographic by Democracy for America

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“Enough said. Add your name.”

“The real definition of pro-life.”

“Watch Bernie Sanders lay down the law for anyone who tries to cut Social Security.”

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DFA Daily — November 8th

Headlines from November 8:

Economy Added 204k Jobs During Shutdown, Unemployment Rate Ticked Up to 7.3 Percent — Washington Post

Amidst predictions that the shutdown would have stunted job growth, these numbers come as a surprise.

$10 Minimum Wage Proposal Has Growing Support From White House — New York Times

There’s cautious optimism that even the House could get on board with the Fair Minimum Wage Act.  

DFA’s Top Clips:

Liberals Are Preparing Right Now to Press Hillary Clinton on Entitlements — The New Republic

Jim Dean, the head of Democracy for America—founded by his brother, 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean—said he’s more immediately focused on growing a grassroots army in the states that will solidify public opinion on issues of economic security and enhancing Social Security and Medicare. But he’s also concerned that a Clinton coronation would preempt a clash on how to enhance benefit programs, which he refuses to call “entitlements.” “I am interested in other candidates because we need other candidates to have a debate to push this forward,” Dean said. “We will be pushing the envelope on this. We’re going to press that debate.  We’ll fight back against it if she doesn’t.”

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“Find out more about the GOP war on food stamps/poor people here.”

“Watch as Bernie Sanders lays down the law for anyone who tries to cut Social Security.”


“More GOP hypocrisy exposed.”

“We like this take on ‘freedom isn’t free.’ It requires your participation.”

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DFA Daily — November 7th

Headlines from November 7:

Close Result in Va. Governor’s Race Hardens GOP Divisions — Washington Post

GOP fissures were highlighted in the aftermath of the Cuccinelli loss.

Democrats gird for minimum wage battle — The Hill

Harkin is leading the charge to increase the minimum wage to $10.10, but the push is still in its early stages.

15 Under-the-Radar Progressive Wins of 2013 — Raw Story


DFA’s Top Clips:

Liberals Dance on the Grand Bargain’s Grave — Buzzfeed

Jim Dean, the chairman of Democracy for America, said that targeting the benefit programs would be a losing issue for any politician — and Democrats would be wise to stay away from supporting changes like chained CPI.

“No elected official of any party would dare be able to go back to their district with something like a chained CPI, I don’t care how conservative they are, or how liberal they are,” he said. “I haven’t quite figured out why it keeps floating around. I really don’t … I’m hard pressed to figure out why any body, including any body at the White House, would push the proposal.”

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“Does it have something to do with ballooning executive pay? Or maybe just corporate greed.”

“When Democrats run as common-sense progressives, they win big.”

“Being a progressive at its most basic.”

“This is why corporations need to pay their fair share.”

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DFA Daily — November 6th

Headlines from November 6:

McAuliffe Prevails in Virginia, De Blasio, Christie Win — Bloomberg

And Christie’s win has reignited speculation about his presidential ambitions.

Illinois Lawmakers Pass Same-Sex Marriage Bill — NBC News

Illinois is the 15th state to do so.

Mike Duggan Projected to Win Detroit Mayoral Election — Michigan Live

Duggan's history of turning around struggling organizations appealed to voters. 

Landslide for New York Liberal Bill de Blasio — Politico

De Blasio is the first Democrat to win since the 1980s. He says he’ll end stop-and-frisk.

Landslide Victory for Legal Marijuana in Portland, Maine, 3 Michigan Cities — Seattle Post Intelligencer

Proponents of the measures hope to spur statewide action on the issue.

NJ Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Raising the Minimum Wage — The Star-Ledger

The amendment also tied future increases to inflation.

Washington State Voters Reject Labeling of GMO Foods— USA Today

The initiative would have made Washington the first in the country to require such labeling.

Alabama Election Results: Bradley Byrne Wins Runoff For Congressional Seat — Huffington Post

In an election that seemed to mirror national fissures in the Republican Party, the Tea Party candidate lost.

Two solid summaries of what happened on Election Day:
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DFA Daily — November 4th

Top headlines today:

Contraception Case Adds Fuel to Senate’s ‘Nuclear Option’ Debate — Roll Call

Friday’s ruling proved just how big an influence judicial nominees can have on public policy.

NSA Chief Likely to Be Stripped of Cyber War Powers — The Hill

The decision would reflect growing concern over NSA chief’s powers and lack of oversight.

Texas’ Restrictive Voter ID Law Stops a Former US House Speaker from Getting a Voter ID Card — Huffington Post

The most recent high-profile figure to be delayed at TX polls shows that widespread voter disenfranchisement in the state is not limited to women.

Top DFA Clips:

From Governor to School Board, Lots of Seats on the Ballot — The Gazette-Virginian

Virginia Chapter of the National Organization of Women (Virginia NOW), Virginia AFL-CIO, Democracy for America and the Virginia Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers Union have endorsed [Jasper Hendricks].

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“The harsh truth from a so-called ‘job-creator.’ Check out his full TED Talk here.”

“DFA Communications Director Neil Sroka spent the afternoon canvassing for DFA Purple to Blue Candidate Jennifer Boysko in Herndon, VA. Anyone else hit the doors in Virginia today?”

“On today’s edition of Congress dropping the ball.”
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