Joint Statement of Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee following Netroots Nation Presidential Forum #BlackLivesMatter action:

"Black lives matter and we stand in solidarity with every single organizer and activist who stood up and demanded that presidential candidates challenge power and respond to the crushing consequences of structural racism.
"Our country needs a president who is committed to progressive policies and is willing to challenge power -- from deep-seated racism in America to corporate interests that rig the game against working people.
"But more important than any statement we might make today are the names of the people who have been killed by a powerful, racist system that we must take on together, like:
Sandra Bland
Michael Brown
Rekia Boyd
Kindra Chapman
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton
Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.
John Crawford III 
Jordan Davis 
Ezell Ford
Freddie Gray
Eric Garner
Oscar Grant III
Akai Gurley
Dontre Hamilton
Cynthia Hurd
Susie Jackson
Aiyana Jones
Ethel Lance
Trayvon Martin
Renisha McBride
Depayne Middleton-Doctor
Clementa Pinckney
Tamir Rice
Tony Robinson
Timothy Russell
Tywanza Sanders
Walter Scott 
Daniel Simmons, Sr.
Myra Thompson
Cameron Tillman
Malissa Williams ...and too many more."
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IRAN: DFA says progressives right to be wary of WH deals post-TPA, but "deal with Iran is a good one"

Earlier today, the six major world powers announced a historic agreement that will dramatically restrict Iran's nuclear program in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions.

Response from Democracy for America's spokesperson on the agreement with Iran:

"After the difficult fight over Fast Track authority for the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership, progressives have good reason to be wary of any massive international agreement that emerges from secret negotiations led by the White House.  

"However, it's clear that this historic deal with Iran is a good one that will make our world safer by blocking every potential path Iran has to a nuclear weapon and keeping us out of yet another disastrous war of choice in the Middle East.

"Over the next sixty days, we will work with our allies to defend this precious chance for peace and urge every congressional Democrat not to cave to right-wing efforts to defeat this deal and launch our country back on the path to war."  -- Neil Sroka, Communications Director, Democracy for America

As a part of its support for the deal, DFA has joined other progressive allies on the joint petition.

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DFA praises Clinton speech, "illustrates the dominate force of the Elizabeth Warren Wing"

Reaction from Democracy for America ahead of Sec. Hillary Clinton's big economic speech.

Statement from DFA's Chair Jim Dean on Sec. Clinton's economic policy speech:

"Secretary Hillary Clinton's economic policy speech reflects a very clear understanding that the Democratic Party and the vast majority of the American people want a President who will fight alongside Senator Elizabeth Warren and refuse to kowtow to wealthy and powerful interests on Wall Street.

"Coupled with Senator Bernie Sanders' early 2016 surge, today's speech illustrates the dominant force the Elizabeth Warren Wing is in the Democratic Party and the critical role it has already played in ensuring that income inequality, the moral issue of our time, sits at the very center of the 2016 presidential debate." -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

Additional background on Democracy for America:
  • Founded in 2004, DFA is a people-powered PAC with 1 million members who have raised and contributed more than $32.7 million and made more than 10.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 831 progressive candidates nationwide.
  • Following last month's suspension of the Run Warren Run campaign, DFA has not endorsed any candidate for President.
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Democracy for America backs five progressives for Seattle City Council

July 9, 2015
Contact: Omer Farooque, [email protected], 262-391-2653

Democracy for America backs five progressives for Seattle City Council

BURLINGTON, VT – This morning, Democracy for America (DFA), the national progressive organization founded by Governor Howard Dean, endorsed five progressive champions for city council in Seattle, Washington.

The five Seattle City Council candidates that DFA endorsed today include:

  • Tammy Morales (District 2)

  • Kshama Sawant (District 3)

  • Halei Watkins (District 5)

  • Mike O’Brien (District 6)

  • Lorena Gonzalez (Position 9)

Each endorsed candidate has shown a commitment to combating income inequality and fighting to continue Seattle’s leadership on populist progressive policy priorities.

If helpful, here’s a quote from Democracy for America Executive Director Charles Chamberlain:

“From raising the minimum wage to passing paid sick leave, Seattle has been a national leader in the battle against income inequality and the people of Seattle deserve a city council that will protect those critical gains and continue that leading role.

“Tammy Morales, Kshama Sawant, Halei Watkins, Mike O’Brien and Lorena Gonzalez are precisely the kind of progressive fighters the Emerald City needs to continue leading the country and we look forward to working with DFA members in Seattle and across the country to make sure they do.” -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

DFA is a people powered Political Action Committee with 1 million members nationwide, including 39,296 in Washington.

Since its 2004 founding, DFA members have raised and contributed more than $32.7 million and made more than 10.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 831 progressive candidates nationwide.


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Robert Cruickshank, Democracy for America <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 5:00 AM
Subject: SEATTLE: Progressive picks for the City Council

DFA Member --

Progressive champions like Bill de Blasio in New York have shown how much can be achieved when cities are led by people committed to fighting against income inequality. Cities are also a launching pad for the next generation of leaders. For example, Bernie Sanders got his start in politics by serving as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, back in the 1980s.

Seattle is at the forefront of the battles to make our country more progressive. We're raising the minimum wage to $15 and we passed paid sick leave. We need to not just defend those wins, we need to go even further. Police reform has begun, but it's become bogged down and needs strong leadership to put a stop to racism and police brutality on the force. Rising rent is making this city unaffordable, making inequality even worse and forcing people to leave their homes.

Today, DFA is making our first endorsements in the race for Seattle City Council. We're starting with five progressive champions who will fight for the working people of Seattle: Tammy Morales in District 2, Kshama Sawant in District 3, Halei Watkins in District 5, Mike O'Brien in District 6, and Lorena González in Position 9.

Ballots will be mailed next week, and Election Day is coming up fast. Can you help volunteer to elect these candidates?

YES, I will volunteer to support these progressive champions.

NO, I cannot volunteer right now, but I will chip in $3 more to help DFA elect progressives to the Seattle City Council.

DFA's five endorsed candidates are backed by a growing movement of progressives who want our City Council to respond to the public interest, not the special interest. Local unions, the Sierra Club, and activists across Seattle have come out in support of these leaders in this crucial election year.

Incumbents Kshama Sawant and Mike O'Brien have proven they will fight for a higher minimum wage, for more affordable housing, for publicly funded elections, and for fixing a broken police department. Tammy MoralesHalei Watkins, and Lorena González will each bring a strong commitment to social and economic justice to a City Council where those values are in short supply.

It's time we had a City Council that's as progressive as the people of Seattle. Starting with these five candidates, Seattle can lead the nation in building a progressive future. Election Day is August 4 -- can you help get out the vote for these candidates?

YES, I will volunteer to help DFA's endorsed candidates in Seattle.

NO, I cannot volunteer right now, but I will chip in $3 more to help DFA elect progressives to the Seattle City Council.

Thank you for supporting these progressive champions.

- Robert

Robert Cruickshank, Senior Campaign Manager and Seattle resident
Democracy for America

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DFA comments on fight over new SEC commisioner

News broke this AM that, following pressure from Democracy for America and other progressive groups, the White House is reconsidering appointing corporate attorney Keir Gumbs to a open seat on the SEC.

Here's a statement from DFA Chair Jim Dean on the White House response to growing progressive pressure on the open SEC seat:

"If we won't tolerate a cop who's working with Main Street criminals, why should we put up with potential Security and Exchange Commission leaders who've colluded with the crooks on Wall Street and their industry shill groups to avoid accountability?  

“After watching Wall Street greed wreck the economy in 2008, the very least the American people expect and deserve are SEC leaders committed to relentlessly rooting out the criminal element on Wall Street, not their next career move. "In the weeks and months ahead, we'll continue working with our allies to ensure that Senator Elizabeth Warren and the American people get the dedicated beat cop we need on Wall Street."  -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

Please find the email action we sent to our members on this news below and don't hesitate to reach out if you need any additional information.



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Karli Thompson, Democracy for America 
Date: Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 2:16 PM
Subject: Battle over the SEC: Will President Obama side with the Warren Wing?


Win with Warren

Neil --

HUGE news broke out of Washington last night: Because of the pressure Sen. Elizabeth Warren and progressive organizations have put on the White House to stop the revolving door between Wall Street and the Securities and Exchange Commission, President Obama is second guessing his plan to appoint Keir Gumbs -- yet another corporate lawyer -- to fill a soon-to-be-open spot on the board.

Now, sources say that the White House is heading in the right direction. They're vetting a number of candidates who have no close corporate ties.  But they still haven't taken nominating Gumbs off the table -- or promised that they will stop considering Wall Street alumni as potential candidates for the SEC in the future.

Tell President Obama to do the right thing: Drop all potential SEC nominees who are too close to Wall Street, and nominate real regulators who will be tough on the big banks.

The regulatory power of the Securities and Exchange Commission is hands down the most important check we have on Wall Street power in America. We need the SEC to be an activist body, doing everything it can to protect investors and workers from the unfettered greed of the big banks.

Unfortunately, SEC chair -- and Obama appointee -- Mary Jo White has been a disaster. She has slow-walked critical regulations and has recused herself from important deliberations due to her close ties to Wall Street. In a scathing 13-page letter to White earlier this year, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said that her leadership of the Commission has been "extremely disappointing."

Now that President Obama is preparing to fill two new vacancies within the SEC, we need to know that he won't go back to the same old Wall Street revolving door that handicapped the SEC in the first place.

Tell President Obama: We can't afford to put another one of the big banks' buddies on the SEC. Nominate tough regulators who will stick up for working families now.

During her confirmation hearings, SEC Chair (and former corporate lawyer) Mary Jo White claimed that she would be tougher on the big banks than her tight connections with Wall Street would indicate. But time and time again, when faced with implementing policies like the CEO pay rule and forcing corporations to disclose their political expenditures, White has caved to Wall Street demands.

We want to believe that President Obama learned from his appointment of Mary Jo White. This time, we need him to appoint regulators who aren't fresh out of the revolving door. The American public deserves appointees who will take a tough stance on Wall Street excesses and give some power back to Main Street.

Tell President Obama: No more Wall Street cronies on the SEC. This time, nominate regulators who will protect investors and workers everywhere.

Thanks for being a part of our campaign to hold President Obama and the SEC accountable. It's time to take the power back from Wall Street.

- Karli

Karli Wallace Thompson, Campaign Manager
Democracy for America

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