DFA Featured Candidate: Elizabeth Miller for Virginia Delegate

As you know here at DFA we endorse progressive candidates all the way from Senate down to local school board. This fall there are many important elections going on around the country and  we will be regularly highlighting our many great progressive candidates. 

ELIZABETH MILLER: If you follow Virginia politics recently, you know the direction that the Republican-led Assembly and the current right-wing administration have taken the state. They have “governed” by rolling back women’s access to healthcare, attacking the LGBT community, and pursuing environmentally damaging energy policies. Virginia’s 32nd district is a microcosm of the battle going on across the state, and incumbent Tag Greason is a great example of Republican’s intransigent views and shortsighted policies.

This year is different, though, because we’ve got a great local candidate who is progressive, who cares about the community and who wants your voice heard. That candidate is Elizabeth Miller, a proven community activist and grassroots organizer. Liz has a long history of fighting for change, through her 4 years as a part of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia and her invaluable experience gained from working on many campaigns. She has her background in computer programming and a degree in Psychology from George Mason University. Liz has promised to eliminate the harsh restrictions on a woman’s right to govern her own body, and will protect the environment against industrial contamination by giving towns more options to protect their air and water.

Meanwhile, the incumbent-- Tag Greason supports the exclusionary constitutional amendment denying thousands of LGBT couples the right to marry the person they love and the equal protection straight folks have in the state. He has voted numerous times to infringe upon a protected right for women, including for an invasive mandatory ultrasound bill. He voted for a voter ID bill that would suppress legal votes, simply to achieve a partisan victory. He even wrote a bill allowing for the creation of charter schools without the approval of the Board of Education, which were already exempt from many rules and regulations that public schools must abide by.

Liz Miller has made a promise to the people of Virginia to never accept any gifts from anyone outside my family worth more than a total of $100 in any year.

Tag Greason votes for Tag Greason’s interests, not for the interests of Virginia.

It’s time for a change. Join DFA in its support of Elizabeth Miller, our Democratic candidate in Virginia’s 32nd district. Together we can elect a true progressive powerhouse, end the era of long-term for pain short-term gain  governing, and move Virginia forward in a manner that benefits all. If you are tired of the voice of your district supporting exclusionary policies and voter suppression tactics, join our movement to bring inclusion and progressive policies back where they belong, into the House of Delegates.

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Visa Inc. will be tied to an officially anti-gay Olympics

Email by Andy Kelley

Seth -- 

The daily violence in Russia against the LGBT community is unacceptable and wrong -- and together we are going to do something about it. 

Since we launched our campaign calling on Olympic sponsor Visa to speak out, tens of thousands of people including you have taken action and folks are starting to take notice. 

Today, Bloomberg news stated in an editorial that unless they speak out against the anti-LGBT violence in Russia and call on the International Olympic Committee to act, Olympic sponsors like "Visa Inc. will be tied to an officially anti-gay Olympics." 

Can you chip in $4 today to help fuel our campaign and keep up the pressure on Visa to speak out? 

Visa has made countless millions from the LGBT community, and even put their name on the “Rainbow Platinum Plus Visa Card," but they haven't taken any meaningful action to help ensure the safety of LGBT athletes and fans for the Winter games. 

With less than six months until the Olympics, it's critical that Visa speak out, as an Olympic sponsor, and urge the IOC to take action. 

Can you chip in $4 today to help us continue the fight to hold Visa accountable? 

Together our voices are powerful, 


Andy Kelley, Online Programs Deputy and Visa Cardholder 
Democracy for America

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What's up with the gay agenda in Kentucky?

The Colbert Report
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It might be surprising, but the smallest town in Kentucky not only elected a gay mayor, but they also passed a LGBT fairness ordinance, too. 

0:00 - 1:07: Just what is Vicco, KY, and who is their mayor?

1:30 - Just what do the people think of Mayor Cummings? 

2:02 - Cummings introduces an LGBT fairness ordinance to the council. 

2:30 - But who stands against it? The local pastor. He's against the entire deal. Why, they should even go back in the closet, according to him.

3:07 - What do the people of Vicco say about the ordinance? 

3:56 - Rush Limbaugh calls it the gay mafia. 

4:40 - The rights ordinance did pass 3-1 through the city council

5:13 - The council, all heterosexual, voted it in.

It's an amazing moment for small-town America. 

Do you have a story about LGBT tolerance in unlikely places? Share your story in the comments!

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MUST WATCH: Woman Tearful Explains To John McCain What Republican Policies Are Doing to Real Americans

This is exactly why Democrats can not join Republicans in their crusade to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid... It's heartless. WATCH this then add your name to our campaign to expand Social Security not cut it Add your name here.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Make sure to stick around for the fascinating debate by the Up panelists and continue the conversation in the comments. 

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VIDEO: John Oliver's not likin' it.

<i><b>Edit</b>: The original video we were using in this link was faulty. Check it out directly on The Daily Show's website!</i>

0:40 - Uses CNN to introduce the issue

1:15 - Says what we're all thinking

1:45 - McDonald's made $5.5 billion last year. Sooo they can't pay a living wage because?

3:00 - We apparently can't have a living wage for fast food workers because it removes the incentive to work harder

4:25 - Fox News points out that if we had a stronger economy, minimum wage workers would be paid better! Right? #ThanksObama

5:17 - Fox also doesn't know that the average age of a fast food worker is 28, and that the $2/hour wage in 1974 (adjusted for inflation) would be, Gasp!, over $9/hour in today's terms!

7:10 - More on Fox? Yeah, more on Fox. Some protesters had children, and apparently it's not McDonald's problem that those kids need to be fed. 

Sure, John Oliver's take is hilarious. But the reality is that fast food workers across the country work for suppressed wages, and it's wrong. 

Sign the petition, and let these workers strike without fear of retaliation! 

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