Joe Garcia for Congress

Who am I?

I grew up in this community and in the district, and it has given me so many great opportunities. I have been proud to give back and help improve our state and our country. I have work alongside many of you to elect Democrats here in Miami Dade, when it was not easy. I was proud to serve as the elected Miami Dade Democratic Party Chair. I was honored when President Obama appointed me to the Department of Energy. I was proud to serve Florida's last democratic Governor, Lawton Chiles, on the Public Service Commission.

I was fortunate to attend an affordable community college that allowed me the flexibility to go to school and work. My daughter attends public schools and I want to see her and her classmates have the same opportunities I had. This means investing in our public education system and making sure that college is affordable.

In the department of Energy I saw first hand what we can do, the thousands of jobs we can create, if we support and fund new initiatives like clean energy. As chairman of the Public Service Commission I took on the big utility companies and ushered in the largest rate cuts in Florida's history. While Chair of the party I got our fiscal house in order and lead an unparallelled voter registration drive. All of these accomplishments were possible because we good, decent and hardworking people willing to work for the common good of our community and country.

I am delighted by the President's position on gay marriage and immigration and I am proud to defend our President's positions regularly on Spanish language radio and TV, where we are often silenced.

Why am I running?

I am inspired by my parents who came to this country as immigrants and worked hard, played by the rules and were able to provide for our family and put three boys through school.

We have come through some tough times and it is important now that we focus on the right things. Making sure our children can get a good education and afford college; Creating good jobs here in South Florida and protecting our way of life and our beautiful natural habitat. We are not alone in this struggle and it is important that we stand up for our allies and friends, like the custodians and nurses at Jackson and our Teachers who do a thankless job.

We have all seen Washington politicians fail us. Right here at home, with David Rivera, we have seen what happens when a politician breaks that public trust, when they are dishonest and corrupt. After reading the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and State Attorney's investigation into Rivera, I was shocked. For the past year we have known that leaders in Washington will not even associate with David Rivera, who remains under FBI and IRS investigation. Our community is being neglected because our congressman is busier covering up lies and crafting a legal defense rather than serving his constituents.

I just couldn't sit the sidelines and watch this happen any longer, that is why I am running for congress. We will work hard and serve you with honesty and integrity. From Key West to Westchester our focus will be on creating more opportunities and a better life for you and your family. When I spoke with Speaker Pelosi and told her it was a difficult decision, she told me Joe your country needs you .

I am proud to have the support of the Democratic Mayors in the district: Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace, Homestead Mayor Steve Bateman and Vice Mayor Judy Waldman. Mayor Paul Vhrooman, Annette Taddeo-Goldstein, Colombian American Business Woman and Democratic Party leader and some many others like the NEA, SEIU and the AFL-CIO.

My Goals

I will fight any efforts to repeal ObamaCare. I will help working families and push for tax fairness.

My DFA Values

This legacy campaign is missing this information

My Campaign is People Powered!

Our campaign has two paid staffers and all other jobs are tackled by volunteers. That means dedicated interns and volunteers handle writing position papers and recruiting weekend canvassers. We spend every weekend going door to door and will do so this weekend, myself included, in Key West. In eight weeks our campaign has received contributions from more than 2000 individuals and the average contribution amount is $140.00. That's people power.

Voice support


  • Deltravis Williams, FL
  • David Finkelman, FL
  • Orlando Collado, FL
  • Madelaine Lang, FL
  • Sam Feldman, FL
  • Sandra Henson, FL
  • Yates Fulbright, FL
  • Sybil Stoller, CA
  • Joseph Ruscito, FL
  • Nick Passanante, VT
...and 3 more.

About the Endorsement Process

The driving force behind all DFA endorsements is our members. We recognize that all politics is local and that what is considered progressive in Los Angeles may be very different from what's considered progressive in Louisville. For this reason, DFA does not have a litmus test of specific progressive positions for which a candidate must stand. Our endorsement is heavily weighted based on these questions:

• Will the candidate move the progressive movement forward in their community?
• Does the candidate have substantial support from our local members?
• Do the candidate's positions and policies fit into the broader progressive movement?
• Is the campaign people-powered and the candidate working to win?

If you have questions, or want to let us know about a candidate in your neighborhood, please call us at (802) 651-3200 or email us at [email protected] .

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