Who am I?

I am a Father of two beautiful children, and a husband to a wonderful and supportive wife who is incredibly strong. I currently work for a consumer protection law firm, where we specialize in assisting homeowners retain, maintain and thrive inside of their homes, in addition to improving their situation through consumer counseling. Coming from a Christian background, I have a strong foundation in ethics, education, and respect. In addition to being well-grounded, naturally motivated and very personable, my small business ownership and legal background has afforded me to hold the talent for quickly mastering new skills. I am not a typical politician, as I am quite humble, and am well known for my humility. I am on a quest to better mankind and the under-served community situations nationwide.

Although this is my first run for a public office, I am known throughout the legal community for being flexible and versatile, who works well under pressure. I am poised and competent with my demonstrated ability to easily transcend the cultural and political divide, as well as thrive in deadline-driven environments, I always demonstrate my willingness to assist all who are in need.

Why am I running?

I welcome the opportunity to serve my community, while bringing a fresh new perspective from a more in-touch more approachable leadership style that the people will finally find comfort in trusting the livelihoods to.

I am a Progressive Liberal-Moderate of the Democrat Party, if elected I’m sure that I would be that leader who stands out as nontraditional, that put the people’s interests first and foremost. As a Progressive Democrat, I would not indulge in hindering the political progress of government, in order to damage an opposing parties agenda’ just because they are the opposing party. That only leaves America twisting like a tornado in the night causing nothing but destruction and despair.

I am running for the 29th Congressional District because it is the district that I see a saturation of people who need assistance and though many have told me personally that they have asked for help, they have had no response. Though my opponent is a strong supporter of animal rights among other things, I believe that it is time for a progressive nontraditional member of the community to stand up and truly represent the interests of the people of the 29th Congressional District of CA and the issues and problems that they want to be represented for and by, and not a politician representing what he wants to represent the people for.

I am passionate about each and every issue that effects our Country and Society. Saving Home, Saving Families, and Saving Education is at the top of that list, along with Equality, Justice, and Responsibility. As a fellow citizen in our community, I maintain close involvement in every issue, as each issue is an important one.

My Goals

• I will search, locate and fight for money to bring back to the State of California, to repair the infrastructure, rebuild what could not be repaired, and create jobs and careers through affordable education. - California and Nation continues to lack a realistic infrastructure development strategy, leading to the confusion, inefficiency, lack of action, and even government shutdowns that our current leaders have done. I will work with our progressive leaders like Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom to continue to develop a realistic and beneficial strategy to continue to build our communities up to where they should be to keep our kids safe and our families happy. Presently I supported candidates who share the same idealism like the CA Lt. Governor, as well as State Assemblymen to continue to fight for the solutions that are needed until I get into office and get the job complete.

• Immigration can be an issue of the past very quickly, if Congress just kept things simple. Undocumented workers should be allowed to work legally. If they were allowed to legally work here, would be over 15 million more people paying taxes into system in which they are utilizing resources from. In doing things in this manner the U.S. deficit would simply decrease, making it easy to balance the national budget. Remember EVERYONE will be paying taxes now. - Currently I assist various law firms that specialize in immigration law (i.e. Law Offices of Deseree Dominguez, etc.) to continue to push for undocumented workers to be able to at least work legally so that they are able to pay taxes and earn a fair wage.

• Our Nation's security is of the highest importance to me. I believe that we need to focus on the threats and dangers to our cities and homes. Additionally, I believe that we need to be firm in our National Security, and not allow anyone to have the ability to harm our country in any way, including our own agencies. I will act in such a manner to ensure that our protectors are properly focused on the threats and not on anything else but the safety and security of our Nation and all of its citizens. Additionally, I will also ensure that our citizens’ fundamental civil rights and liberties are not violated in the name of “National Security.” Additionally, securing the U.S. Border is also easier solution than one knows. The boarder states could utilize the National Guard and U.S. Military Reserve to greatly support the current efforts by utilizing training that has proven itself in the past and current wars; they would be better able to search for and capture those crossing the border illegally as well as destroy the drug cartel operations and equipment. - Presently I remain in contact with local law enforcement and offer any insight and legal expertise to offer any intelligent contribution to assist their efforts.

My DFA Values

The protection of our community is of the highest importance to insure that our homes, our schools, and our streets in our community remain safe and secure for all to enjoy. I will always fight to protect our community and ensure that the law enforcement agencies have the support that they need and when they need it. The safety of our community and schools must be secured to ensure that our community maintains the peaceful enjoyment and peace of mind that all Americans deserve to have. Additionally, I believe and will fight to make it Federal law that the lenders should be required to accept and review, at least two Request for Mortgage Assistance applications per quarter, per borrower, in an effort to stop the epidemic of foreclosures in our Nation. The homeowners who are struggling need help, and that is what I will seek to get them.

Further, National Security and our Military are the foundation of our safety. I believe that we need to ensure the safety for all citizens and visitors of our Nation. I believe that we need to continue to secure our country from our enemies - foreign and domestic. However, I believe that war should not be the first answer in a situation that can be avoided. We should not be so willing to go to battle when diplomacy and powerful, peaceful negotiations can be attempted and in many instances is more effective than sending in our troops. Further, I will fight to reign in the out-of-control "blank-check" budget that the Defense Department receives. I believe that the money that is wasted on the defense contractors can provide students the tools to succeed.

With respect to liberty, Equality for every American citizen is of the highest importance as every man, woman, and child was created equally, and should be able to enjoy the same rights and privileges as others. I personally understand the difficulties that minorities, the working class, the LGBT Community, and the Poor face on a daily basis. Ensuring that equality for all people, regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, and sets of beliefs, is vital to our country and community to know that they will always be accepted to our community, as a valuable member. I will work with civil right leaders to ensure that all protected classes of people continue to receive all of the benefits that are allotted to the by law. Additionally, I will continue to fight for the disenfranchised, and be their voice when no one would. I believe in a nation by the people and for the people, and will fight to ensure that our Nation remains for the people unconditionally. Further, I will also continue to fight to ensure that our citizens fundamental civil rights and liberties are not violated in the name of “National Security” and that our intelligence agencies remain focused on the safety or all of us as citizens and nothing else but keeping us safe.

My Campaign is People Powered!

Recently I held a community "meet-and-greet" event outside of a local mall parking lot to allow all of the patrons at this establishment to have the ability to meet me and understand what I will be doing for them when I am elected to office. Further, I also allowed them to write down on a prepares "complaints to congress" form about their complaints and what they want to be represented for by our government. We offered family friendly music, pizza, and water.

Additionally, I along with volunteers went and knocked on residential and small-businesses doors to both get my message out to gain their support, as well as gain their signature for the nomination petition to get on the ballot in California.

We will continue to keep it simple and meet the people - not rely on media outlets to get our message out. We can't rely on twitter, facebook, and other media outlets (radio, TV, etc.) as neither can I justify such an expense on what is annoying ads that many citizens loathe to see (my job as a candidate and Congressman is to make peoples' lives better - not annoy them), but, I believe that if I am going to represent the members of the community, I have an obligation to meet them, tell them what I will be doing for them, and actually listening to their problems so that I can work to fix them. We will continue to hold community gatherings, call the voters (actually call - not robo-call) mail personal letters, that is drafted by my campaign and signed by me personally signing the letters. I will keep a very personal campaign. I will continue to visit the schools, community colleges, and universities to not only get my message out, but encourage the voting process.

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About the Endorsement Process

The driving force behind all DFA endorsements is our members. We recognize that all politics is local and that what is considered progressive in Los Angeles may be very different from what's considered progressive in Louisville. For this reason, DFA does not have a litmus test of specific progressive positions for which a candidate must stand. Our endorsement is heavily weighted based on these questions:

• Will the candidate move the progressive movement forward in their community?
• Does the candidate have substantial support from our local members?
• Do the candidate's positions and policies fit into the broader progressive movement?
• Is the campaign people-powered and the candidate working to win?

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