28th Amendment Roadshow: A Forum on Money in Politics

Apr 24 2014

Because corporations are NOT people and money is NOT speech

07:00pm PDT

UC Berkeley Faculty Club, Heyns Room
1 Faculty Club
Berkeley CA


  • Woody Little

About This Event:

How will the Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. FEC impact American democracy? Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, UC Berkeley Professor Paul Pierson, Corporations Are Not People author Jeff Clements, and veteran organizer Helen Grieco will address this question, the larger issue of money in politics, and the possibility of amending the constitution to get money out. At 9:00 there will be a community forum to discuss strategies for action. RSVP to save a seat.

$20 general, $10 seniors, veterans. and disabled, FREE with a student ID.

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  • Woody Little
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