DFA Meetup for James Harder for Delegate

Aug 29 2013

We can't stay home this time

07:00pm EDT

James Harder for Delegate Campaign Office
1100 South Main Street
Blacksburg VA


  • Josh Crandell

About This Event:

Meet James Harder and other DFA members in your area!

Join us to talk about the most pressing issues facing the Blacksburg area and how we can take back the district. This is a great opportunity to meet the candidate, learn about the the Purple to Blue project, and get involved!

James is a fourth generation Blacksburg resident and former staffer with Congressman Boucher. As a candidate James sees education as a major issue as well as increasing energy efficiency to protect VA’s natural resources and stimulate the local economy with clean jobs.

We think James is a fantastic candidate, and the district is winnable but we can only win if we organize early on the grassroots level. So we need your help to reach your neighbors early this summer before the campaigns ramp up.

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  • Josh Crandell
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