Denver Action Summit

Aug 31 2013

We can make a difference by doing grassroots work.

11:00am MDT

Colorado Democratic Party HQ
789 Sherman St, Suite 110,
Denver CO


  • Will Wooten

About This Event:

Not only will the training be useful in the upcoming election, but also for other fights ahead. Whether you are working to reform gun violence prevention laws, working on a local level in the fight against fracking, or a seasoned campaign volunteer wanting to expand your skills, you will leave the summit with the training needed to win.

Attend this event

  • Will Wooten
  • Jay Henderson
  • Roseanne Salyer
  • Joe Kelaidis
  • Heather Purcell
  • Clare Nordstrom
  • Bill Mcnabb
  • Gloria Gerkin
  • Ken Connell
  • Nicole Huerta
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