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W h o - a r e - W e ? --DFA-Riverside works to support progressive issues and candidates for office in the Inland Empire. Sign up by "joining" this group in the upper right hand corner. Members receive email notifications of meetings and events. Questions? Click on "Message Organizers" to the right, and let us know. =============================================================== D F A - R i v e r s i d e - E n d o r s e s: ------------------- TIM SHERIDAN FOR CONGRESS IN CA-42!!!.......... We are proud to announce DFA-Riverside's endorsement of Timothy Sheridan for Congress in the CA-42 district. We believe he is the strongest candidate, with the best chance to oppose and unseat Ken Calvert!--------------------------------------------------- LATEST NEWS!!! THE NATIONAL DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA ORGANIZATION NOW HAS ENDORSED TIM SHERIDAN AS WELL! CONGRATS TIM! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have also endorsed PETE AGUILAR FOR CONGRESS in the CA-31 District. During his time as Mayor of Redlands he has shown his commitment to improving life for the middle class and the working class, and he understands the needs of the various parts of his district--------------------------------------------- LATEST NEWS!!! PETE IS NOW ENDORSED BY PLANNED PARENTHOOD! ============================================================== G r o u p - M e e t i n g s: --DFA-Riverside normally meets on the first Monday night of the month at 7:00 p.m.. We meet at private homes. Individual meetings are announced below under "Upcoming Events." DFA-Riverside members will automatically receive email about upcoming meetings and events. Join us as a Riverside group member and help us promote progressive values in the Inland Empire!! =============================================================== U p c o m i n g - E v e n t s: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - We will not have a regular group meeting in July, but: - On July 20 at 5 p.m we will organize a Fundraiser for Mark Takano, our Congressman in the CA-41st District. Let's make sure Mark will win again in the November elections and thus will be able to continue to represent us in Washington! RSVP's are required. Click on the link for this event below, under "What we are doing." ====================================================== F a c e B o o k : --Have you signed up yet for our (optional) FaceBook page? This is a great place for group members to post thoughts, links, announcements, pictures and discussions. Try it: You can post there once you are signed up as a member. Only fellow DFA-Riverside members can see the posts. ========================================================= C o n t a c t - I n f o - E l e c t e d - O f f i c i a l s: Mark Takano-Congress CA-41: ............................................... Jose Medina-State Assembly AD-61: ...................... ======================================================= I n t e r e s t i n g - L i n k s --Suggested by members: ...............................................

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