Philly for Change


A DFA Group that was created by Jennifer Murphy

Founded in 2005.

About this group

We are the largest DFA group in Pennsylvania.


  • Faith Quintavell
  • David Sternberg
  • David Sternberg
  • Kelly Feighan
  • Jennifer Murphy
  • Samuel Durso
  • Joshua Richard
  • Sean Dorn
  • Hannah Miller
  • Keith Campbell

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What We're Doing

Event Film: "Groundswell Rising"
by Paul Roden created on Dec 04, 2014 02:35PM

Event "Gasland II" film showing, Fri, Jan. 31, 2014, 6:30 p.m. Fallsington, PA
by Paul Roden created on Jan 15, 2014 02:00PM

Event 13th Congressional Distict Candidates Forum
by Kevin Shaw created on Jan 02, 2014 09:17AM

DFA members are the lifeline in our democratic process, and strengthen their communities through collective actions and shared values, launching local grassroots campaigns, supporting candidates and tackling issues. Thank you for being a part of Philly for Change.

Members (691)

  • John Edwards
  • George Hunt
  • Chelsea Oller
  • Robin Stelly
  • Heath Eddy
  • Gloria Hoffman
  • Jim Savage
  • Maria Lupinacci
  • Nicole Johns
  • Russell Strauss
  • Ben Donahower
  • Charlie Fischer
  • Joy Matkowski
  • Lani Frank
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