Sep 11 2013

Meet D. Bruce Hanes

08:30pm EDT

Jenkintown Public Library
460 Old York Rd
Jenkintown PA


  • Kevin Shaw

About This Event:

Montco DFA's meetings reliably roll around on the first Thursday of every month -- except sometimes! Case in point: this September. Since Rosh Hashanah begins on the first Thursday, we're moving our meeting date back to Wednesday, the 11th of September.

We've got a full agenda planned, highlighting the difference that local elections [LIKE THIS YEAR'S] can make in real people's lives -- with a spotlight on Equal Rights for LGBT citizens. Join us to hear from:

- Montgomery County's own *** D. BRUCE HANES, *** Register of Wills, who recently decided to issue same-sex marriage licenses in our fair county in response to the first inquiry he's had from a same sex couple since being elected, and in the wake of the U.S. Supremes' decision declaring DOMA unconstitutional "as a deprivation of the liberty of the person protected by the Fifth Amendment." The latest word about Corbett/DOH suing Bruce for it is that the Commonwealth Court has scheduled a hearing on September 4, so come hear what Bruce has to say about that, too...

- Our old friend *** LORI SCHREIBER,*** Abington Township Commissioner, both as local candidate running this year, and as someone closely involved in the process of developing what Abington's anti-discrimination ordinance does, and passing it -- with responsive local elected officials working in synergy with grassroots citizen activism.

- *** BILL ENGLAND,*** the first Chair of Cheltenham's Human Relations Commission, also a local candidate this year (for Chelt school board), will address how Cheltenham's ordinance came to be -- again, with both responsive elected officials and grassroots citizen organizing. Bill will also fill us in on how Cheltenham's ordinance is designed to work.

Local elected officials have long been critical players in the quality of our lives, but especially are now, in the face of unconscionable cuts to state and federal funding. Serving in that local "cauldron" also can develop local leaders into candidates for higher office. And, with a longer view, as our fossil-fueled economy and transportation systems inevitably transition toward sustainable, our local governments will become more and more important.

Come on out to hear about and discuss it. Join us at the regular time, the regular place, but ON A NEW DATE for September!

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  • Kevin Shaw
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