Feb 14 2013

Dear human being of any gender: come to a dance-rally-protest in celebration of women, and against violence

12:00pm EST

Market Square
23 Market Place
Pittsburgh PA


  • Joy Sabl

About This Event:

Have you ever taken a long lunch to do something romantic with one other special person on Valentine's day? Would you do that for a friend? For a hundred friends? For half the human race?

What: This is the local gathering of a worldwide event--now including groups in 197 countries and territories, gathering for what will be the largest global day of action in history.

Where: Market Square, downtown Pittsburgh

When: V day, aka Valentine's day, aka Feb. 14, from noon to 2 PM.

Who: you, me, all of us.

Why: you've heard the statistics. You've seen the local and global news stories. But why, of all things, should we DANCE? Women are bound to abusive situations by the fear that they are alone, that people will not believe them, and that the abuse is because there's something wrong with them. They are often convinced that they are unlovable, and not worth fighting for. They believe that there's nobody out there who cares, nobody who can help them fight back / get out / get safe / start over. Being visible is the single most powerful thing that we can do, to face down the intimidation, the invisibility and the fear.

How: If you can, come and dance. If you are an organized dance fan, you can learn a group dance from the video (below). If you prefer to do your own thing, come move to the music. If you can't dance, come and witness. If you absolutely can't make it to the market square gathering, grab some friends and a piece of street corner, make a sign, a dance, and a video.

Websites for more info:
www.onebillionrisingpgh.org and


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OneBillionRisingPittsburgh

Video of a dance option:

Attend this event

  • Joy Sabl
  • Cecil Birt opw
  • Carl Redwood
  • Maria Lupinacci
  • Syl Buffington
  • Dana Herman
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