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Throughout its existence, Maryland has been frack-free and for the better. Since 2011, a moratorium has temporarily banned fracking throughout the state until research is completed to determine the risks. While state-specific research on this topic has been underfunded, efforts across the country have already indicated that fracking poses risks to the water, air, and environment we rely on.

It's time to stop fracking before it starts.

Delegate Shane Robinson and State Senator Karen Montgomery have both introduced bills within Maryland's General Assembly that aim to ban fracking once and for all across the state. While the bills have a combined total of 29 cosponsors, it'll take fierce public pressure to show Maryland legislators that human health and safety should come before the interests of big oil and gas companies.

Join the fight to protect every Maryland community from the ominous hazards of this dirty practice: add your name to the list of Marylanders who support an all-out ban on fracking.

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