Gov. Corbett--Veto Election Rigging Legislation in PA


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In Pennsylvania, thirteen Republican State Senators, led by Majority Leader Domini Pileggi, introduced a bill to split the state's electoral votes based on who wins each congressional district.

As the Washington Post put it, this plan would "reward candidates for winning land, not people." Although cities and urban districts have greater population, under the Republican plan, each district would have the same influence or number of votes. This means the vote of a Pennsylvanian in a city would be worth less than one in the country. Serendipitously for Republicans, Pennsylvania's cities tend to vote Democratic. Although this scheme is new to PA, Republicans have already introduced it in other states that lean blue but have a red legislature or governor. It's such a clear example of election rigging that in many states even Republican legislators felt the need to distance themselves from it.

Imagine being a Republican candidate for president under this plan. Currently, you can count on red-leaning states like Texas to give you all their electoral votes. If this bill becomes law, you could also expect to win a majority of Pennsylvania's votes, without winning a majority of voters.

Like the Voter ID laws we saw this Fall, this bill is another way for Republicans to disenfranchise voters and cheat their way to victory. If you care about fair elections and good governance, join me in signing this petition. Together, we can make it clear to Governor Corbett that the people of PA want him to veto election-rigging legislation.

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