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DFA Night Schools are free, interactive trainings that allow anyone to learn the skills to win and create change from the comfort of your own home or office.

We had incredible turnout for the our Thursday, March 9th DFA Night School titled "So You Want to Run for Office".



Are you or someone you know thinking about throwing your hat in the ring as a candidate? Ready to run for office to fight for progressive values? This Night School will cover key things to consider as you weigh a potential run for office in this urgent moral moment -- what questions to ask of yourself, your district, and your community. We'll also hear from candidates and elected officials who've made that big decision themselves, and we'll review key steps for how to launch your campaign successfully.

If we're going to stop Trump and his violent agenda, we must resist but also rebuild at the state and local level -- creating a reflective democracy, from voters to staffers to candidates, and electing progressive champions up and down the ballot who run with courage and conviction on progressive values. And that means a new wave of leaders need to step up and run in all 50 states -- for city councils, school boards, mayoral seats, state legislatures, Congress, and more.


Past Events

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Night School: So you want to run for office? Considering and Launching Your Run (3/9/2017)

Night School: Internal Systems and Operations (9/7/2016)

Night School: Launching a Powerhouse Finance Team (8/31/2016)

Night School: Creating the Narrative (8/25/2016)

Night School: Reflective Democracy and Organizer Math (8/17/2016)

Night School: Building a People-Powered Campaign (8/10/2016)

Night School: Online to offline mobilization (6/26/2014)

Night School: Online fundraising (6/25/2014)

Night School: Developing an online strategy (6/24/2014)

Night School: Writing KickA Emails (6/23/2014)

Night School: Crisis Management (5/8/2014)

Night School: Paid & Earned Media (5/6/2014)

Night School: Developing a Campaign Message (5/5/2014)

Night School: Putting the Voterfile to Work (4/17/2014)

Night School: Precinct Organizing (4/16/2014)

Night School: Running an Effective Volunteer Program (4/15/2014)

Night School: Targeting Your Voter Universe (4/14/2014)

Night School: Budget & Finance Planning (3/20/2014)

Night School: Fundraising Tactics (3/19/2014)

Night School: Making the Ask (3/18/2014)

Night School: Targeting Your Donors (3/17/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Democracy in Action (2/18/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Fundraising (2/17/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Groundswell (2/12/2014)

Campus Empowerment Training: Running & Winning (2/10/2014)

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