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DFA in the News

Why Conor Lamb (Probably) Won

Politico Magazine

Perhaps that’s why the DCCC was comfortable looking past Lamb’s dig at Pelosi and quietly funneling $1 million into his campaign that funded field staff and get-out-the-vote efforts, while the committee’s progressive critics—such as Our Revolution, Democracy for America, Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Justice Democrats—left Lamb off their endorsement lists. 


Senate Passes Major Financial Reform Bill

Value Walk

A broad coalition of membership groups including Demand Progress, CREDO, RootsAction, American Family Voices, Democracy for America, Daily Kos, Americans for Financial Reform and Public Citizendelivered more than half a million grassroots comments to the Senate opposing the Bank Lobbyist Act, including emails, petition signatures, and phone calls. Rootstrikers’ grassroots activism was central to branding the supporters of the Bank Lobbyist Act as the #BailoutCaucus.


Democrats’ Texas rift shows difficulty in retaking Congress

AP News

“The DCCC just has to stay out of these races,” said Neil Sroka, spokesman for Democracy for America, the group founded by Dean. “Part of the reason why Democrats have been stuck in this cul-de-sac of loss over the past 10 years is we are not running the candidates who can inspire and turn out the new American majority that is essential to winning elections.”


‘Unprecedented Democrat turnout’: Texas Republicans mock talk of blue wave

Washington Times

Jim Dean, chair of Democracy for America, said Democrats can win if they nominate candidates cut from the same cloth as Mrs. Moser and Ms. Jones.

“We’ve got a long road to November, but the wins we saw last night in the Lone Star State, as well as the runoff primaries some of those victories set-up, strongly suggest momentum is building behind a nationwide Blue Tsunami — if Democrats get the grassroots-inspiring candidates we need to generate the waves,” Mr. Dean said.


Why Can’t the DCCC and the Resistance Get Along?

Politico Magazine

The move backfired as Moser, a Bernie Sanders 2016 supporter with the backing of several activist groups, turned the attack into a badge of honor. She made the May 22 runoff with 24 percent of the vote, doing better on Election Day than she did in the early vote. Democracy for America, which had endorsed Moser, called it a “big win against the outdated strategies of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has been trying to sabotage her people-powered campaign.”


National Democrats stick with aggressive primary strategy despite Texas results

ABC News

Democracy For America (DFA), which has been a strong supporter of Moser’s campaign, says her performance sends a message.

“Laura Moser’s strong finish tonight sends her to the May run-off election and makes it clear that, no matter what attacks the Republican-lite hacks at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee throw at them, voters in Texas’ 7th Congressional District are ready to send a progressive leader to Congress,” said Jim Dean, chairman of the group.


National Democrats Went Nuclear on a Progressive Challenger in Texas. She Survived.


Moser is the creator of Daily Action, the popular text-message service that provides users with one specific task they can do each day to “resist the Trump agenda.” She has also written for a number of national outlets, including Slate, and wrote critically of Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-New Mexico), the chairman of the DCCC, last summer in Vogue after he promised that the group wouldn’t use support for abortion rights as a litmus test. Democracy For America, the PAC founded by Howard Dean to encourage progressives to run for office, was among her early backers.


Progressive Democrat Blasted By Her Own Party Advances In Texas Primary

Huff Post

For her part, Moser’s bold positions and deep roots in the resistance drew the backing of local activists and national organizations like Democracy for America and Justice Democrats. Outspoken liberal actor Alyssa Milano also volunteered for her campaign.

But the DCCC grew concerned that nominating a progressive like Moser would dash Democrats’ general-election hopes in the affluent, Republican-leaning district. In an apparent bid to prevent her from advancing, the House Democrats group took the highly unusual step on Feb. 22 of posting an opposition research memo about Moser on its website.


Everyone Will Misread the Results of This Special Election

Townhall Magazine

Then there is the Georgia governor's race. Former House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams is running against former State Rep. Stacey Evans, the moderate.

Abrams, who is black, has shored up the big progressive endorsements from Emily's List, Democracy for America, MoveOn Political Action and the Working Families Party.


The four most important races in Texas’s Tuesday primaries

Washington Post

Democrats’ aggressive move against one of their own candidates made national headlines and exacerbated a party split that still hasn’t healed from the 2016 election. Progressive groups accused the DCCC of meddling in races it doesn’t understand. “They’re certainly not out there earning the trust of voters by attacking a pro-choice Democratic woman in the race,” Democracy for America electoral director Annie Weinberg said. The DFA has endorsed Moser.


How A Texas Suburb Became The Frontline In The Fight For The Future Of The Democratic Party

Buzzfeed News

The Sanders-aligned groups Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, and Democracy for America have all backed Moser. The battle those groups are waging in Moser’s name is transparently about more than just the fate of Texas’ 7th congressional district: They are now building out their own contact lists through emails denouncing the DCCC.

Few people paying close attention to the primary say they’re pleased with what the DCCC did.


California Is Not As Liberal As You Think


. David Min, a law professor and former economic policy director at center-left think tank the Center for American Progress, narrowly managed to clear the 60 percent threshold required for an endorsement, triggering a contentious petition challenge from backers of progressive opponent Katie Porter, endorsed by Democracy for America and 2020 hopefuls Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Min ultimately prevailed in a voice vote called by state party Chairman Eric Bauman after canvassing and speeches from party leaders.


Democratic infighting in Texas as primary approaches

ABC News

Annie Weinberg, electoral director for Democracy for America, a strong supporter of Moser's campaign, released a statement saying: “Laura Moser is a fifth-generation Houstonian building a genuine grassroots campaign in her home community and, while that might not get the Republican-lite cheerleaders at the DCCC their sweet consulting gigs after this cycle, it’s exactly the kind of campaign we need to win this critical race and retake the House in November.


Dem campaign arm sparks uproar by intervening in Texas primary fight

The Hill

The DCCC attack triggered public outrage from progressive groups that accused it of targeting Moser because she’s further left than the other leading candidates. Moser has been endorsed by Democracy for America (DFA), with Our Revolution, a group allied with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), supporting her amid controversy. 

“Democrats in Washington are just still stuck in the same old groove from 20 to 30 years ago, thinking that somehow by being Republican-lite, corporate-lite ... somehow that’s going to lead the Democratic victory. It’s a proven losing strategy,” DFA executive director Charles Chamberlain told The Hill. The group endorsed Moser last summer and has been closely working with her campaign


Texas Democratic candidate says she’s 'disappointed' in party after DCCC launches attack

ABC News

Democracy for America (DFA) who has been a strong supporter of Moser's campaign released a statement supporting the candidate.

“Laura Moser is a fifth-generation Houstonian building a genuine grassroots campaign in her home community and, while that might not get the Republican-lite cheerleaders at the DCCC their sweet consulting gigs after this cycle, it’s exactly the kind of campaign we need to win this critical race and retake the House in November,” said Annie Weinberg, Electoral Director, Democracy for America.


$27 Quotes: "Never again did I doubt the power of small acts."

Daily Kos

That’s from Laura Moser, who’s competing in a Democratic primary in Texas to run against John Culberson for the district 7 seat in congress. Here are a few words about her from Jim Dean, the chair of Democracy for America:

"If you don't know Laura Moser, she's an amazing Democratic candidate running to flip a critical U.S. House seat from a Republican in Texas ...

Laura has generated a wave of energy -- more door-knocking, more calling, and more small dollar donations than any other candidate in the race ..."

~ Jim Dean


TRUMP threatens to PULL ICE from California -- DIFI calls BS -- MENDOZA resigns -- NUNES slams Bee as 'rag' -- DEMS prep for state convo


FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: Democracy for America will announce today its endorsement of Rep. Ro Khanna in his bid for reelection in California’s 17th congressional district in Silicon Valley — a huge turnaround from 2014 and 2016, when the organization ferociously opposed Khanna’s efforts to unseat then-incumbent Mike Honda.

-- Executive Director Charles Chamberlain says the group fought Khanna tooth and nail in past races "because we weren’t convinced he’d be the progressive champion our country needed..to have follow in the footsteps of Rep. Mike Honda." But after his first year in office, DFA now views Khanna to be "a stalwart champion for big, bold inclusive populist priorities like Medicare-for-all, free college, and comprehensive immigration reform,'' and one who "represents the New American Majority voters progressives need to flip control of Congress in 2018."


Resistance Is Not Enough—Progressive Leaders Launch Campaign for Sustainable Prosperity to Counter GOP


More than 70 prominent resistance leaders have signed a public pledge declaring: 

“Resistance is not enough. We pledge that:

• We will fight for good jobs, sustainable prosperity and economic justice.

• We will work to build a movement that can make that agenda a reality.”

The initial signers of the pledge (full list here) include ..... Democracy for America


Welcome refuge: Homeless children in our schools

Gettysburg Times

For just over 30 years, the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, the federal government's first major legislative response to homelessness, has worked to remove the educational barriers experienced by homeless children and youth. Three decades later, there are 1.3 million homeless students in U.S. schools, an increase of 160 percent since 1987. And there are hundreds of thousands more homeless children who have already dropped out, or are still too young to be enrolled in school.


'Repeal and replace' Trump's tax cuts? Democrats won't go there

Washington Examiner

Some outside liberal groups want it to be. Activists on the Left want the tax law to become President Trump’s version of Obamacare, a major domestic law passed on a partisan basis that generated a wave of opposition, sweeping the responsible party out of power.

“The position is simple: Repeal and replace,” said Neil Sroka, a representative for Democracy for America, a liberal political action committee.


After Senate 'train wreck' on competing immigration plans, Cornyn casts doubt on continuing DACA debate

Dallas News

Meanwhile, pro-immigration advocates blamed the White House for the impasse.

"The one lesson from the today's Senate train-wreck is that Donald Trump's bigotry-laced immigration policy is an epic failure that does not and should not ever have the votes to become law," said Karli Wallace Thompson, the campaign manager for Democracy for America.


After Announcing Senate Campaign, Marine Vet Watches Own Parents Give Max Amount to His Opponent

Western Journal

More recently, Nicholson’s mother has donated to various Democratic lawmakers across the country, including Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia and now-retired Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota. She is also a major donor to Democracy for America, a progressive political action committee that works to elect Democrats to office across the U.S.

The donations are not all that surprising given that Nicholson has long stated that he hails from a Democratic family. In fact, Nicholson was once a rising star in the Democratic Party.


'Black Panther' Movie Is A Milestone For African-American Culture, Writer Says

90.5 WESA

I've even seen people taking this up as kind of a political cause. The political action committee called Democracy for America actually sent out a call for people to sign a pledge to go see the movie now because it would be used as a counter-narrative to what we see on CNN, in other words, in the portrayal of black people, in the portrayal of Africa


Morning Spin: Civic Federation calls for taxing retirement income, maybe closing universities to balance state budget

Chicago Times

*Quick spin: Cook County assessor candidate Fritz Kaegi was endorsed by North Side U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, Southeast Side Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza and Democracy for America, the organization foounded by former presidential candidate Howard Dean.


Meet the Primary Candidates: U.S. House of Representatives, District 26 (Democrat)

The Cross Timbers Gazette

Endorsements: Wendy Davis; Demand Universal Healthcare (DUH); Democracy for America, Denton County; #VoteProChoice; Stonewall Democrats, Dallas County


Caballero makes progressive 'Hall of Shame'

Morgan Hill Times

The report card is published by progressive advocacy group Courage Campaign in partnership with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Action (ACCE), another state advocacy group with a focus on worker and housing justice. The report card ranks legislators on their votes and how they represented constituents against corporations. It is endorsed by such groups as California Calls, Democracy For America, Dolores Huerta Foundation, DailyKos, and California Immigrant Policy Center.


Will Age Become An Issue In Dianne Feinstein's Re-Election Campaign?


De Leon's campaign declined to be interviewed for a story on Feinstein's age.

He's been endorsed by the progressive political action committee, Democracy for America, which claims around 300,000 members in California. Communications Director Neil Sroka says what his organization wanted to know was, "Who's going to be best equipped to lead the resistance to Donald Trump and set a path forward for what an inclusive, populist vision for this country looks like?"

And for his organization, that wasn't Feinstein. Her age isn't a problem, but her long tenure in the Senate is.

"We're going to need more [progressive] candidates moving up the ranks," Sroka says. "We can't do that if the same old people are running for the same old offices over and over again."


Progressive Democrats are using small-money donations to outraise establishment opponents with deep-pocketed millionaire backers


Progressive candidates, backed by the likes of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America, Moveon, Our Revolution and Justice Democrats, are outraising Republicans (including Ted Cruz!) and establishment Democrats with the backing of the DNC and the Democratic Party establishment.

They're doing it with small-money donations raised from everyday Americans. It's a huge upset in politics, building on the fundraising ground broken by Howard Dean, then Barack Obama and then Bernie Sanders: proof that politicians in America don't need to sell their souls to the millionaire class and corporate PACs to get elected.

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