DFA in the News

DFA in the News

Trump to mark anniversary with Mar-a-Lago bash as thousands get set to protest

The Guardian

Neil Sroka, communications director for the progressive political action committee Democracy for America, said: “You’d think he’d be taking a victory lap at this moment but his presidency has been marked by so much incompetence that he knows in his psyche he couldn’t hold a rally on the National Mall and get a tenth of the crowd at his inauguration. Even Trump can no longer deny he’s loathed across the country.”

Sroka, who served under Barack Obama at the commerce department, said there was little reason to believe Trump would change course in 2018. “If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last year, he’s not going to change. He will continue to be a doddering bigot with a Twitter account.”


New Trier Democrats Issue Endorsements For March Primaries

Winnetka Patch

Biss has the endorsements of members of Congress, Robin Kelly and Brad Schneider, and more than a dozen members of the Illinois General Assembly. He has also been endorsed by Champaign County Young Democrats, the Indo-American Democratic Organization and Northside Democracy for America.


Chicago Aaron Goldstein Earns Glowing Endorsement for Illinois Attorney General from Northside Democracy for America


Attorney Aaron Goldstein, Democratic candidate for Illinois Attorney General, has earned a glowing endorsement from Northside Democrats for America. He received 87.75% of the vote of NDFA voting members, which exceeded NDFA's endorsement threshold of 75%.

"Northside DFA is proud to support an exceptional candidate who is trying to break through the rules and political norms. Aaron Goldstein emphasizes that the Illinois Attorney General has a role of interpreting the Illinois Constitution to prevent bad laws from being enacted," said NDFA co-chair Melissa Lindberg. 


How a defiant Chelsea Manning could upend the race for US Senate in Maryland

Washington Post

‘‘Folks that are applying litmus tests for candidates based on criminal record and experience with police — that’s one of many reasons why we don’t have the diversity of representation that we need in the US Senate,’’ said Neil Sroka, spokesman for the national progressive group, Democracy for America.

‘‘We were glad to see she’s running and we’ll be watching that race,’’ Sroka said. ‘‘When an incumbent is challenged by a strong challenger that inevitably makes that incumbent more accessible to the Democratic base.’’

But Democracy for America will wait to see all the Senate candidates in action before making any endorsements, Sroka said.

The organization is backing former NAACP president Ben Jealous for Maryland governor and former Maryland congresswoman Donna F. Edwards for Prince George’s County executive.


Is Dennis Kucinich Serious?

The New Republic

Neil Sroka, a spokesman for Democracy for America, was more blunt: “Frankly, many of the things he has said over the past year will be profoundly disturbing to progressives.”


Schakowsky, Gutierrez Back Lipinski’s Primary Challenger

National Journal

Democracy for America endorsed Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (D) in the race to replace retiring Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D). DFA Chairman Jim Dean: “In the era of Trump, it’s not enough to have progressive leaders in Congress who know how to vote the right way; we need leaders, like Chuy Garcia, who know how to take on powerful interests and build the people-powered, grassroots movements needed to deliver change.”


GOV campaigns SPEND nearly $30M in three months; KENNEDY to give own fundraising 'significant boost' — RAUNER's DAVID DUKE debacle

Politico Playbook

Democracy for America announced today it is backing Jesus “Chuy” Garcia in the primary race for U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s open 4th congressional district seat.

DFA notes it was a “proud supporter” of Garcia in his unsuccessful bid to unseat Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2015. “Throughout his life, Chuy Garcia has fearlessly taken on Chicago’s bullies and bosses and fought for working families -- and that’s precisely why Democracy for America is so excited to support him in his race for Congress,” DFA Chair Jim Dean said in a statement. The endorsement


Newman Leads Lipinski By Five Points In Democratic Primary: Poll


Newman has also received a groundswell of support and endorsements from national progressive groups, including NARAL Pro-Choice America, MoveOn.org, Democracy for America, Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Human Rights Campaign for LGBTQ equality. Progressives see this as their first real chance to unseat the entrenched congressman. Newman says Lipinski is "running scared."


These 7 Primary Fights Will Shape the Future of the Democratic Party

Mother Jones

 The reproductive rights advocacy group NARAL, Democracy for America (the progressive organization founded by Howard Dean), and the LGBT rights group Human Rights Campaign are all backing Newman, as is New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. The March 20 primary will be a major test for activists who want the party to draw a clearer line on reproductive rights.


How Wisconsin’s Progressive Revival Could Help Randy Bryce Unseat Paul Ryan

In These Times

Bryce has run for office and lost three times—for the state assembly, state senate and a county board of elections seat—but never with the level of national attention he is receiving in this campaign. Growing anger toward Ryan and the GOP, combined with Bryce’s down-home appeal, has made him something of an internet sensation. He’s garnered support from national progressive groups including the Working Families Party and Democracy for America, backing from several sitting members of Congress such as Sanders and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), and high-profile interviews with comedian Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler.


The 2018 midterms are fast approaching. First up: Primary fights for both parties’ future.

Washington Post

“The top-line goal is getting paid family leave, Medicare for All, and free college front and center,” said Neil Sroka, a spokesman for Democracy for America, which supports de Leon.


Will Democrats run on impeachment in 2018 midterms? Don't count it out

Fox News

Neil Sroka, spokesman for Democracy for America, a liberal activist group that endorses and raises money for Democratic candidates, claimed the impeachment push has public support. “Democrats should run on an inclusive, populist agenda of free college and paid family leave, but shouldn’t shy away from supporting impeachment,” Sroka told Fox News. 


Trump, Bannon, and Roy Moore Rebuked as Doug Jones Claims Victory in Alabama

Common Dreams

"Make no mistake, this is a victory for the 50 state strategy, and it's a victory led by the new American majority," said Democracy for America's executive director, Charles Chamberlain, in an email Tuesday night. "Black, brown, and millennial voters—and Black women in particular—turned out in historic numbers to send a Democratic candidate to the Senate from Alabama for the first time since 1992." "This historic win is more than just a crushing blow to Donald Trump's agenda of bigotry, hate, and division," Chamberlain continued. "It's also a powerful reminder that progressives can win anywhere and everywhere if we stand up for an inclusive populist political agenda and build campaigns that welcome, energize, and mobilize the new American majority of Black, brown, and progressive white voters."


Dissonance grows between economic performance, Trump approval

NBC News

"As of right now, I think it’ll be very easy to point back to 2016 and show that job growth was actually bigger,” Neil Sroka, communications director for progressive political action committee Democracy for America, said.


Labor advocate Wendy Carrillo elected to California Assembly

People's World

A former local radio show host and SEIU activist backed by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, California Labor Federation, National Women’s Political Caucus, Emily’s List, Democracy for America, and a host of other endorsers, won a special election in this city’s Assembly District 51 on Tuesday, December 5th.


Major progressive group endorses in four competitive California races

The Hill

“Victories across California in 2018 are going to be absolutely critical to Democrats’ chances of taking back the House and gaining the political power necessary to confront and defeat Donald Trump’s bigoted and oligarchic agenda,” DFA Chairman Jim Dean said in a statement to The Hill. “By sending Bryan Caforio, Laura Oatman, Sam Jammal, and Mike Levin to Congress, Californians will have the new warriors they need to fight back and Democracy for America members couldn’t be more excited to stand with them every step of the way.”


Liberal group wades into primary fights early, endorses challengers in four GOP-held districts

Los Angeles Times

Democracy for America, the progressive political action committee started by Howard Dean, is doing things differently. On Friday, the group announced endorsements in four California districts: All of them are Democrats. In a statement, the group’s chairman, Jim Dean, said victories in California will be “absolutely critical” to Democrats’ plans to retake the House in 2018 and in opposing President Trump’s agenda.


Liberal group calls for Franken, Conyers to resign

Washington Times

Democracy for America said the liberal progressive movement must lead the charge against sexual violence and harassment because the political “right” has refused to do so. “We believe the multiple women who have bravely shared their stories about the behavior of Representative John Conyers and Senator Al Franken, and we strongly feel that both men have a moral obligation to hold themselves accountable for their misconduct and resign from office,” DFA said in a statement. “The right, which is led by serial sexual assault perpetrator Donald Trump and has tried to excuse child predator Roy Moore, has less than zero credibility in any effort to end our culture’s long-running pandemic of sexual violence and harassment.”


NARAL Goes on Air Against Democrat Dan Lipinski

Roll Call

Lipinski is facing a primary challenge from marketing consultant Marie Newman, who secured the backing of NARAL, MoveOn.org, Democracy for America, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Human Rights Campaign on Tuesday. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s leadership PAC endorsed Newman earlier this month. 


Abortion Activists Target One of the Few Pro-Life Democrats Left in Congress

Life News

Joining NARAL in opposing Lipinski is Democracy for America. Executive director Charles Chamberlain claimed that the pro-life congressman’s “right-wing ideology is profoundly out of step with a twenty-first century Democratic Party.”


Net neutrality rollback isn’t the end

The Wilson Times

“Donald Trump and his corporate cronies are about to destroy the Internet,” writes Eden James of Democracy for America.


Progressives sharpen attack on Rep. Lipinski

Crain's Chicago Business

Set to join in the announcement are the Human Rights Campaign, Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.


McSally embraces Trump ahead of Arizona Senate run


“Democrat Marie Newman picked up endorsements from five progressive groups today, as she challenges Blue Dog Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski in the IL-03 primary. NARAL Pro-Choice America, MoveOn.org, Democracy for America, the Progressive Campaign Change Committee and the Human Rights Campaign all jointly backed Newman. A joint memo said that Lipinski, who's easily won reelection since 2004, has ‘consistently voted to pass anti-choice, anti-LGBT, and anti-immigrant policies.’”


Progressive Groups Back Challenger to Anti-Choice Congressional Democrat


NARAL Pro-Choice America, MoveOn.org, Democracy for America, the Progressive Campaign Change Committee, and the Human Rights Campaign announced endorsements of Newman on Tuesday and planned to come together in Chicago on Wednesday to speak in support of the candidate.


Juan Williams: Democrats and the politics of impeaching Trump

Fox News

Two leading grassroots groups, Democracy for America and MoveOn.org, are pushing for immediate impeachment. They can push all they like. At the moment, the Republican majority in Congress is sure to block them.


Progressive groups back challenger to Illinois Dem

The Hill

NARAL Pro-Choice, MoveOn.org, Human Rights Campaign, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and Democracy for America (DFA) have decided to back Marie Newman, a former advertising consultant and anti-bullying nonprofit head, in her bid to unseat Lipinski. Charles Chamberlain, DFA's executive director, argued that Lipinski's "right-wing ideology is profoundly out of step with a twenty-first century Democratic Party." MoveOn.org's Matt Blizek called Lipinski "one of the worst Democrats in Congress." And the Human Rights Campaign's JoDee Winterhof said that the district needs "new leadership and someone who will fight for full LGBTQ equality in Congress." 


Harrop: Democrats, though not all, learn how to win elections

Durango Herald

In a statement taking back its support for Northam, Democracy for America declared, “We refuse to be silent any longer and even remotely complicit in the disastrous, racist, and even voter-turnout-depressing campaign Ralph Northam appears intent on running.”


Morning Spin: Ald. Burke wants Chicago truck terrorism task force

Chicago Tribune

Team Biss said their candidate got 93 percent of the vote among the group’s members. Northside DFA is an offshoot of the larger Democracy for America, which is the incarnation of Dean for America, the 2004 group that backed former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean’s unsuccessful presidential bid.


Democratic wins: Start of anti-Trump surge or 'not so fast?'

Associated Press

The liberal group Democracy for America had abandoned Virginia's gubernatorial candidate, Ralph Northam, over immigration policy, then celebrated his win days later. "The plus of a tidal wave like this is it washes away the stains of all the campaigns," Charles Chamberlain, DFA's executive director, said in an interview




And, for all the jubilation evident on both sides of the Democratic Party Wednesday, it came only a matter of days after progressive group Democracy for America abandoned Northam’s campaign, labeling it “racist and morally debased” after he said he’d sign a bill banning so-called “sanctuary cities.”

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