Marcia Price

Virginia House of Delegates, District 95

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Marcia Price is a fourth generation citizen of the 95th District who is attuned to the needs and concerns of the citizens. Her focus is protecting and nurturing the future of Virginia’s youth and fighting for the resources they need to be successful. In action, she is the bold voice that is needed to stand firm against policies meant to discriminate and disenfranchise. In efforts to bring government back to the people, she works hard to educate the electorate, stay accessible to her constituents, and host informative and empowering events.

Having attended illustrious institutions of higher learning, Marcia is a womanist Christian theologian and her studies inform her views and help her to see wholistic ways of helping her community. Her family’s legacy of public service has afforded her the opportunity to learn how systems work so that she can disrupt the status quo. Her generation is the bridge between the boomers and the millennials and she loves intergenerational collaboration, engaging both wisdom and energy. In her day job, Marcia directs a non-profit that trains community organizers for voter engagement, civic engagement, and leadership development. She is thorough in her approach and she and her team work hard for the votes and support they seek.

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