John Kiehne

Missouri State Senate, District 26

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John Kiehne was born and raised in St. Charles, Mo. John’s parents (and much of his extended family) were career public school educators in primary and secondary education. His father grew up and retired to the Kiehne family farm near Cape Girardeau, Mo. The Kiehne farm has been in the family for 130 years. John studied music at Webster University and has worked as a professional musician, artist, and instructor for over 30 years. He’s been living in the St. Louis area for the last 17 years and lived and worked in Boston, Ma. during the 1990’s. He and his wife have 4 grown children. John and Michelle have also been active as foster parents and advocates over the past 10 years and raised 3 of their 4 kids as foster children.

John Kiehne has worked as a professional musical performer, songwriter, producer, instructor and businessman for over 30 years. John also spent a number of years busking on the streets and subways of Boston, did quite a bit of live sound engineering for a variety of acts and performed on Stick for a time with the Boston production of the Blue Man Group. As a white man in an interracial marriage with children he John has witnessed the systemic racism that people endure on a daily basis. As a foster parent and advocate, he has fought for 10 years to get at-risk and traumatized children appropriate placements and services when not providing them himself. As a family member of LGBTQ individuals, he has seen the divisions that sexual identity has created in his own family. John continues to advocate for foster kids and hopes to be able to affect policy regarding a wide variety of issues related to at-risk kids and struggling families.

John has been motivated to run for public office due to his frustrations with his perceived lack of representation in government, the “Trump era” and the toxic state of politics in our country. Fighting the systematic destruction of our educational system and the dismembering of the agricultural industry are priorities for him. I also support common-sense firearm policies that make people’s safety a priority where gun ownership is involved. As someone with elderly parents on a fixed income, with a son who served in the Army Reserves and grown children dealing with the ill-effects of trauma, I will fight for the well-being of our seniors, vets and the disabled. As a business owner dealing with issues that affect artists, content-creators, and performers that directly affect his bottom line John would like to address policies that can make or break small businesses and the self-employed. In addition, he’s committed to advocating for the needs of foster children and at-risk youth, to address the issues of race, equality and justice in our state, to protect our seniors, vets, disabled and infirm and to ensure that all Americans have access to quality healthcare.

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