Maureen Skinner

Arkansas State Senate, District 35

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Maureen was born in California, lived in Colorado, North Carolina, and Arkansas. She grew up on a farm in the woods of Fox, Arkansas. Her parents were psychiatric technicians at Camarillo State Hospital in Southern California, her older brother an EMT, firefighter, and Ensign in the Navy reserve, and politically active. Her father was a self-taught musician and is artistic in nearly everything he does. Mom was a nurse and is a renowned chef and singer. She is a proud graduate of Rural Special High School, part of the Mountain View School District. Her upbringing allows her to understand the fundamental small-town values of hard work and reward for that hard work while also recognizing the urgent need to help those struggling to make ends meet and to provide for their families.

Maureen has worked as a Job coach, P&C Insurance agent, accounting office manager for a global retail company, and currently as a therapist. Maureen works as a Licensed Psychological Examiner in Conway, providing mental health services, testing, and assessments in private practice. Her commitment to service of others influenced her decision to run for office. Realizing that the people of the district were not being heard or represented in a manner consistent with the diversity and multi-cultural demographics of the area, she decided that she could be the voice, not just of those who look like her but also the voice of the underserved, underrepresented and marginalized.

Maureen started a grassroots campaign to unseat the tea-party incumbent during the time of disbelief, fear, and hopelessness that followed the presidential election of 2016. As a mom, she is concerned with education and health care and as a candidate she took the time to ask the people of her district their concerns, discovering that Central Arkansas is also concerned with affordable health care and quality education, as well as economic opportunity and protecting the environment. She believes in the right to earn a living wage and to prosper. She will champion progressive policies that impact communities and will fight for quality, debt-free, public education, access to affordable, comprehensive health care, science-based policy evaluation and decision making, technological advancement, economic opportunity, and social justice. The opportunity to be the voice of the marginalized and underserved is what inspires and motivates her campaign. Maureen will not be influenced by the special interest groups or PACs or Lobbyists; she believes that the job of elected officials is to be the voice of the people who voted.

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