DFA: “Tonight, Trumpcare hit a brick wall of people-power” after losing two more GOP Senate votes

A statement from Democracy for America regarding tonight's news that Senate Republicans' most recent iteration of Trumpcare has now lost more than twice the number of Republican votes needed to pass.

“Tonight, Trumpcare hit a brick wall of people-power when it lost two more right-wing Senators for completely different reasons.  

“While Mitch McConnell will certainly try to reassemble the flaming wreckage that is Trumpcare’s hodge-podge of death sentences and billionaire giveaways, tonight is a tremendous victory for millions of grassroots activists who have filled town halls, melted phone lines, and risked arrest at congressional offices to defeat Trumpcare and any effort to dismantle the modest health care reforms delivered by the Affordable Care Act.  

“Whether this is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning of this battle, we intend to keep up the fight until Trumpcare is dead, buried, and Congress is focused on enacting Medicare for All, the only truly comprehensive reform that can fix what’s ailing our health care system.” -- Neil Sroka, Communications Director, Democracy for America

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