Campaign Academy in Chicago, IL

Jul 06 2013

Saturday Jul 06, 2013

Chicago Teachers Union
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago IL

Saturday, July 6th and Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Co-sponsored by Northside DFA

Training Agenda

The Democracy for America Campaign Academy mission is to focus, network, and train grassroots activists in the skills and strategies to take back our country, manage successful campaigns or run for office themselves. Experienced campaign professionals lead sessions in voter contact, fundraising, communications, and online organizing to empower progressive activists with the skills necessary to win in November and beyond. Click here for the draft agenda. 

About the Trainers

DFA is proud to have a cadre of top campaign professionals from across the country. These individuals have worked on exciting and award-winning campaigns and races – up and down the ballot. Combined with our industry-leading curriculum, our trainers will give you the skills and education you need to win and create real change. Click here to meet the trainers.  

Cost: $70 (regular) / $35 (low-income/student) 

The contribution helps DFA cover its costs, including your copy of our 180 page training manual and lunch (both days). If you are unable to afford the full cost, reduced rates are available for students and people with low incomes. 

There are limited spaces -- so register today! 

Click here if you have already registered and need to pay your tuition fee. 

If you have questions you can email us at training(at) or call us at (802) 651-3217. 

Can't make it to the training that weekend but still want to help? You can contribute to a scholarship fund for this training and help send a local organizer in your place. Click here to sponsor another attendee!

Can't make it to the training but still want to help? You can contribute to a scholarship fund for DFA trainings and help send a local organizer in your place.

Sponsor an Attendee!

Email Here
802-651-3200 x217


Payment Options:
Note: You will be directed to a secure ActBlue payment page after clicking Register.
Note: You will be registered for the training event, and payment will be required upon arrival.
Note: Requires additional information for consideration of scholarship.

Monique Teal
Karli Wallace
Matt Blizek
Andy Szekeres
Aaron Armitage
Anne Sullivan
Courtney Rowe
Geoff Tchon
Tom Bryant
John Brougher
Ruby Reid
Paul Grajnert
Brian Miller
Matt Walker
Sandra Stone
Carl Nyberg
Mary Koczorowski
Catherine Garypie
mini piqi
David Moore
Melissa Lindberg
Charlotte Williams
Alonso Zaragoza
Elijah Edwards
Olga Jewusiak
Pete Kalenik
Josephine Norwood
Michael Romain
Terry Kappel
Jeffry Ketelsen
Ingrid Garcia
William Adams
Lorraine Chavez
Eric Crosley
Elvira Ramirez
Emily Ralph
hector gonzalez
Manuel Dayenian
Brian Henderson
Martha Pincus
Cat Dean
Marcus Hedger
Michael Marzano
Victor Herrera
Timothy Williams
Ameshia Cross
mark thomas
Rachel Hoge
Felicia Williams
Michelle Thomas
Marianne Nee
Matt Blizek
Aidan Kolar
Ryan O'Leary
Christy Carter
Jackie Clisham
Matt Fruth
Nicholas Norris
Edward Keller
Roy Sartin
Justin Stringer
Carlos Rosa
W. T Holmes
Luis Espinosa
Jaleesa Smith
Walter Bishop
Kolyan DasGupta
Zachary Tanton
Barry Mayworm
Nate Lefebvre
Oscar Ibarra
Jeremiah Franklin
Robert Golla
Diane Oltman Ayers
Amy Nowak
Kathleen Hogan
Geneva ward
Tina Wright
Marc Loveless
Creola Hampton
Lillian Abatan
Katherine Ponce de leon
Constance Lange
Shakura Haqque
William Mclaughlin
Anne Shaw
Ursula Small
Amy Hermalik
CM! Winters Palacio
Robert McKay
Shenita Batie
Wilfredo Santana
Tim O'Donnell
Tracey Cook
Miguel Blancarte, Jr.
Johnny Elias
Barbara Drew
Goran Davidovac
Hannah Lehman
Roy Sartin
Bob Galhotra
Evan Brandes
Mary Laan
Bill Smiljanich
Gilbert Villegas Jr.
Steven Spagnolo
Julie Rowe
Dennis Hughes
Dan Kleinman
Joseph Fedorko
Clay Wade
Al Benninghoff
Dennis Anderson
Stephen Oren
Nancy Schiavone
Chris Osborn
Jeff Johnson
Joel Stopka
Gwendolyn Chubb

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