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DFA Defender

Join us and become a DFA Defender today by making a monthly contribution towards our fight for a better America!

Democracy for America is not only who we are, it’s what we do. We work to elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot, all across the country, year after year to ensure American democracy is protected and remains for the people, by the people.

Through our 50-state strategy, proven expansive and inclusive grassroots organizing, and early, deep investment in candidates and campaigns, DFA stays on the frontlines defending democracy. We fight everywhere so we can win everywhere. 

Here’s why becoming a DFA Defender is the best way to support our work:

  • There is never an off-year for DFA. You help us work with campaigns throughout the year, every year. Elections happen throughout the country every year. Since our founding in 2004 DFA has elected over 1000 people to office, trained over 125,000 candidates, their staff and volunteers, made over 33 million voter contacts and raised more than $70 million for progressive candidates. The work of fighting for change never ends, and DFA makes sure your investment in progressive movement-building goes the distance.
  • Become a part of the largest coordinated PAC in America. With DFA, every dollar you contribute goes further. We don't knock on the same doors, talk to the same voters, and do what's already been done. Field operations and phone outreach are coordinated closely with campaigns so we can expand the footprint of each candidate by covering fresh ground. Most importantly the wealth of data we collect is shared directly with the campaign, providing them with navigational assets that would otherwise be unattainable without Big Money. In this way, your contribution to DFA has a ripple effect throughout the progressive movement.
  • Help us invest early in progressive visionaries. DFA is often the first to endorse and support a candidate. Early support makes a difference. Just as we endorsed Raphael Warnock in 2020 days after his announcement and Stacey Abrams during her run for Governor before her formal announcement, we have once again led the movement by highlighting the heroes of tomorrow TODAY by endorsing a new slate of progressives for 2021 like Maya Wiley and McKayla Wilkes.
  • Let’s keep fighting everywhere so we can win everywhere. Since our founding in 2004, we have always believed in the 50 state strategy and that we need to fight everywhere to win everywhere. DFA is known for supporting races in red, blue and purple states, up and down the ballot from school board to district attorney, and from state legislature to the US Senate. 
  • Together, we can elect the New American Majority. The progressive movement grows stronger every day because we are powered by the people. We’ve doubled down on our efforts to elect bold, progressive leaders all across the country who represent the New American Majority: people of color and white progressive voters.
  • Your contribution helps us sustain momentum with multi-cycle organizing. Our work has always focused on long-term organizing, from our Purple to Blue work over the last 8 years in VA to our work in Georgia since 2017, and so many others, we know that to make a real, lasting impact, you must commit to multi-cycle organizing and expanding the electorate by reaching voters who have been historically ignored.
  • You can keep us battle-ready for immediate responses and impact. Your support allows us to hit the ground running when a cause, an issue, or a candidate needs our support. Being early and consistent is how we win.
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